Thursday, May 16, 2013

MMM - Days 15 & 16

Yesterday it was super hot - today, not so much.  Of course not.  Why is it that every year when we have water day, it happens to be the coolest day of the month?  Go figure.

Anyway, yesterday I wore this knit dress.  I first saw this dress on Melissa at Pattern Review weekend in Portland (Several  years ago.)  I loved it, so I went right out and bought the pattern.  It is NL6802.  The thing I really like about it (besides the flattering cut) is that the bodice is 2 layers in the front.  The under-layer keeps the front twist modest and work appropriate.  Since I made this dress in 2009, it has seen better days.  I did notice that the knit is showing (or should I say "I can feel") signs of wear.  Also, I was a bit heavier when I made this, so the under-layer on the bodice front is a little bit too loose.  I think I will make this dress again because it is super comfortable. Also, I have found that I can wear polyester   knits if they are sleeveless and they won't bother me.  Put some sleeves on that poly and I'm sweating like a you-know-what!

Today it was much cooler, and in fact, I wore a sweater most of the day.  Today was "wear purple" day, and since I wore my purple dress last Thursday, I  didn't want to wear it again.  This purple blouse is from Banana Republic.  It is one of my favorites, but I think I am wearing it out!  Today when I put it on, it had 2 places where the fabric had pulled away from the binding strip at the center-front.  I spent about 20 minutes mending it by hand before I could wear it!  So, although it is not me-made, it is me-fixed!

The skirt is the Loes Hinse Swing skirt.  Just your basic straight skirt with an elastic waist, but the added element of a flounce at the bottom.  This fabric is a fairly heavy rayon that looks like linen.  It also has a matching top that I will probably wear with it later this month.

Tomorrow is "Hawaiian Day"  (We always have a lot of spirit days at the end of the year.)  I wonder what I will come up with to wear for that!