Saturday, May 11, 2013

Me Made May 13 Days 10 & 11

I did't get my picture taken yesterday, but I wore this shirt with jeans.  It was a field trip day and we were outside most of the afternoon and had to walk back to school about a mile in 90 degree weather.  After that, a couple of teachers and I drove back over to the other school and cleaned everything up.  So, it was a hot and messy day, but fun and worth it.

Today was also a fun day.  Andy and I have been wanting to move to Three Rivers.  We have property there, but the amount of work involved in cleaning up, tearing down, and rebuilding may not be worth the effort or money.  We actually already have house plans drawn up (but not blueprints) but now we are wondering if we might be better off buying another property.  The location is great, but the house is not even livable right now.  Our property is on the river, so we would definitely want something that had river access.  Today we went up there and looked at a couple of possibilities.  Of course, we'll have to dicker the price a bit, but we're saying a lot of prayers right now do know what the right move would be.  Also, the house we live in now (in town) is pretty nice, so we're a bit spoiled and don't want to move into a hovel.  There are a lot of things to consider, and it is a lot more work to live out in the country, but I think it would be so worth it.  Since Andy is blind, a lot of that work will fall on me, so we want to be realistic about what we take on.  Here are a couple of things we looked at today.

Our favorite place is gorgeous - you can see more pix here:  Our favorite so far   It is right on the river, and you can see the river from the kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, and all the upstairs rooms (which are 2 tiny bedrooms and another even tinier room)  But, the downstairs is perfect.

We also looked at another place on the South Fork.  It needed more work (i.e. small closets, some of the wood work was crappy) but over all, it was pretty good and the location was gorgeous.  About 4 miles off the main road, but a couple of other houses within walking distance so you're not completely isolated.  This location was more "forest-like" and probably has better river access (the other location's river was running too swiftly to be safe to get in I think) and has lots of drip irrigation already set up and a number of gardens.  The main fork location was a little drier and more of a "scrub" climate, but right ON the river.  The south fork home was much smaller, but the price was also much better.  The property would require more upkeep, and again the inside would require some work.  I think it also needs a new heating system.  This is the South Fork location.

Oh, and I just wore shorts and a linen top today.  Both me-
made.  I'll have to look up pattern numbers later.