Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bombshell progress - outer bodice

I have finally completed the outer bodice on this dress.  One of the recommended materials for supporting the bra cups is needle punch.  Gertie also says you can use cotton batting, and that in fact, it may be better because it is more breathable.  Well, I had some "Warm and Natural" on hand, so that is what I used.  Unfortunately, this batting tended to stretch rather than shrink even after multiple steaming and pressing sessions.  I think it will still be OK, but I now wish I would have used some fusible fleece or at least interfacing on the cup pieces.  The cups are a little lumpy and not as smooth as I would like them to be.  Other than that, I think it looks pretty good so far.  (That's not saying that it's going to fit or stay on the way I want it to.)  I watched the next session of the video lessons today, and the next part will be the skirt.  I really wanted to get that cut out today, but I really over did it on my feet the last few days.  I had surgery on both feet on June 28, but they just aren't ready for standing up all day yet.  Today I've spent most of my day with my feet UP.

I haven't decided whether to put a strap on this dress or not, but I saw in the video that one of the dresses had a removable strap, so I may go with something like that.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


6PAC = Six Piece Autumn Collection

Although I am still working on my bombshell dress, I took some time out to plan for the 6PAC over at   Stitcher's Guild.  The idea is to build a very basic (read b-o-r-i-n-g) wardrobe consisting of

  • jacket in a dark neutral
  • bottom in a dark neutral
  • top in the same dark neutral
  • jacket in color #2
  • top in color #2
  • top in print of color #1 & color #2
(The color isn't quite right in this picture, but it's kind of a light beige.  Darker than natural linen, but not quite tan.)
Well, already I'm not following the "rules" because my "dark neutral" is not dark and it is a plaid.  However, it reads as a solid from any distance at all.  My first main fabric is a beautiful light weight Italian wool that I got on sale at Michael's Fabrics.  I was so happy with the fabrics that I ordered there that I placed another order today for some navy cotton poplin and another yard and a half of the wool.  (OK, so now the navy is my dark neutral and my plaid is the color #2)  I plan to make a skirt and pants from that same wool, even though they are not included in my plan.  It is still hot here, so I will probably be wearing the cotton separates much sooner than the wool.  

The jacket is the Silhouette's 4 button jacket, but I'm going to make it at high hip level.  I saw Peggy wearing one like that in one of her webcasts and I really liked it.  I've had the pattern for a long time but never made it before.

I also have never made anything from Cutting Line Designs, so I decided I wanted to try something.  I ordered the Acute Angle jacket, so I'm looking forward to trying that.  I will be making that in the navy cotton poplin.  I haven't seen the fabric yet, so I'm hoping I like it or I will have to figure out something else.

All of the other patterns are new to me too, so I'll be trying some new things here.  The last few times I've tried to Sew With A Plan, I have not completed my plan!  I will need some encouragement (and accountability) to complete it this time.  Especially now since it is the beginning of school.  My first official day back is tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it is time for another school year to begin.  I'm praying that I am actually able to have a life outside of school this year.  I will be at a different school this year with an administrator I have never worked with before, but I really  like her and the new staff. I'm looking forward to a good year.