Sunday, November 21, 2010

Endless Combinations - skirt

I am doing the "Endless Combinations" contest at PR. I haven't done a contest in a long time, because I am too competitive (with myself) and tend to put too much pressure on myself. But, this time, I am not going to do that and I am just entering the contest as a motivator to move some fabrics OUT of the fabric closet. For this reason, I am ALSO going to enter the Fabric Stash contest at PR in January. Now, I have no inclination to win that one because I want to take my time to make some nice things and will be doing that simultaneously with the SWAP - which I will write more about later. I will, however, be making everything for the SWAP from my stash. For those of you unfamiliar with the "swap" there is absolutely no swapping going on - it's just an acronym for Sewing With A Plan/Purpose.

Anyway, for the EC, you make one garment, and the second must go with the first. The third, and each subsequent garment must go with a previously made garment, but they do not necessarily have to all go together. I am starting with a plan, but not sure which direction I'll take.

I posted my fabric and patterns in the last post. I have made the skirt, and the pants are finished as well.

The skirt is McCalls 5523. I am really happy with the pattern and am sure i will make it again. I need to take it in just a little bit more at the waist, though.

Next I will make the ivory top. The other day I bought Butterick 5387 and planned on using that. The fabric that I have is a thin silk blend sweater knit from Casual Elegance. But, after reading all of the reviews for this pattern on PR, I've decided against it. I like the line drawing, but am not so sure I am that enamored with any of the finished tops I've seen. Also, everyone has said that the neck treatment is a pain. I will probably try the top in the future, but for now, it is going on the back burner. Instead, I think I will be using the top from the FSG twinset, and just changing the neck a little bit.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well, I've decided on a break-up. A break-up with Burda magazine that is. I have loved my Burda magazines and still do. But, in the last year I have not made a single thing from the 2010 issues. Not only that, I am unhappy with the new printing of the patterns (twice as many pieces on a single sheet) and the price has gone up. I really considered giving it another year, but really, there has not been much in the last year that I want to make. I have about 3 years worth of the magazines, so I have plenty to keep me busy. Besides that, I also have pattern boxes full of Vogue, Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, New Look, and KwikSew plus numerous independents such as Fashion Sewing Group, La Fred, Pamela's Patterns, Loes Hinse, etc. Do I really need to buy MORE patterns that I have no where to store? I think not. I will miss getting my monthly Burda fix, but I'll get over it.

Next Decision - I've decided to enter two contests. The Endless Combinations on Pattern Review which is currently running, and the SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) on Stitcher's Guild. That one doesn't start until the end of next month. I haven't done any contests for a while, but for me they are good motivators.

So, here is my plan for Endless combinations

First - the herringbone pants. I will be using the Loes Hinse Oxford Pant pattern for these. I saw these pants in her shop and really liked them. I really like this herringbone fabric. I had to buy extra because it was in pieces and there wasn't one piece long enough to make the pants. I will use the extra to make a skirt.

Next, an ivory knit top. I haven't decided which pattern I'll use yet, but it will be simple with long sleeves.

Third item will be a skirt from the herringbone fabric. Again, I don't know which pattern I'll use, because it will depend on how much of the herringbone I have and what shaped pieces are left over from the pants.

Next up will probably be an orange T shirt. I'm planning on using the Marcy Tilton pattern for those. I will actually be making the one that is shown in orange

After that, I will be making the Garbo jacket from the Green Moss fabric. It is a bulky sweater knit. Loes also had these made up in her shop, although she used the Biarratz pattern, but the tweak made it look just like the Garbo.

The last item I will probably make are the Hepburn pants. I have never made pants like these before, but I'm going to give them a try. One of the views eliminates the paperbag waist, so I'm sure I'll be doing that.

I have other items that also want to make to go with this plan, but I always want to do more than I have time to do. Also, since the SWAP will be coming up soon, I will have to take a little break inbetween the two just to get other non-sewing stuff done!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A couple of new tops

I decided to make this top again. I first made it (with the tie neck) about 3 years ago. It is still the shirt I grab most often on the weekends. The first time I made it in a natural colored linen and it is just so super comfortable that I love it. I decided to try it again. I want to figure out which clothes I gravitate toward most often in my wardrobe and why. Is it the style? The fabric? The color? the fit? I want to figure this out so that the clothes that I make will be things I will wear all the time. This time I made the top in a crinkle rayon. It is a mini navy and white houndstooth, but it's really hard to see that in the picture. I KNOW that I have to wear fabrics that feel good. I have some cute tops that I purchased over the years that I never wear just because I don't like the way the fabric feels. Rayon is one of my favorite fabrics. It is usually soft, drapes well, and breathes. This is the old Textile Studios Marseilles top pattern.

The other top I made this week is a Marcy Tilton pullover. It is Vogue 1085. The fabric is a deliciously soft rayon knit that I bought at Josephine's when we had PR weekend in Portland. I'm really happy with this top. It is interesting that this top has a little weight in the front to pull the neckline down against the body. It really works well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marcy Tiltion Pants

About 2 years ago I made these pants and have worn them to death.

I decided to make another pair, but this time the longer version. I also made these out of wool. The last pair were super big in the back, so this time, I took out about 2" from the back side. There is still plenty of room. I like the first pair a little better and that could be due to one of three reasons

  1. the first pair was the short version and therefore have a different shape. Showing the ankle is more flattering with this style pant
  2. the first pair were fuller in the back, which changed the drape of the pants. Also the first pair was a poly rayon blend, but these are wool and actually have better drape than the first pair.
  3. I'm much fatter now!

Well, all of that being said, I really do love my new pants. They are unique and were very fun to sew since they have unusual seaming and details. Not a fast pair of pants because of all of the top stitching, but I was able to put them together in 2 evenings.

Here you can see the pocket detail. The side front pants leg is made in two parts. The front/bottom part folds under to create the pocket facing. The upper/under part makes the back of the pocket.

Another little detail is the darts at the knee. Just keeps it interesting I think.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been doing a little sewing this week and will have more on that in a couple of days. In the mean time, school seems to be getting worse and worse every year, but thankfully, I have a great class and love my students. Now, if I could just teach...

But let's not go there!!! While I was in Tennessee, I was wishing I could do some sewing, but I thought it would be fun to do a crochet project. Something I could do and still be around everyone visiting. I decided to make some "wristers" We didn't have internet access at the log cabin, but fortunately, I had my trusty iphone. I went to the Lion Brand site and found a pattern for the kind of arm warmers I was looking for. It didn't take long to make them. ( I also made a scarf, which I'll show later) Anyway I made the "Windy City Wristers" and they were a big hit with DD when I got home, so I made some for her. And one of her friends. And another pair for myself. And another pair for DD! As you can see, these are a big hit with all of us, and it isn't even cold yet! I've been wanting fingerless gloves, because I hate for my hands to be cold, but need to be able to write, type, etc. These are perfect and SO simple to make. You basically crochet a rectangle and then sew up the side leaving a hole for the thumb. How simple is that?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just in from Tennessee

Just had a great week long visit with my brother and his family in Tennessee. I really wanted/needed to relax, and that is exactly what I did! We did take a little drive over to Lynchburg and toured the Jack Daniel's distillery. I'm not a whiskey drinker, but it was very interesting.

I also visited the local fabric store, Sirs Fabrics. I have heard that people come from other states to visit this store, but if they are, they are going for the home dec. They did have a great selection of home dec fabrics and trims. Rooms and rooms. Fashion fabric? Not so much. What they did have was folded on tables and labeled things like "lining", "wool blends", "dress fabrics" etc. This kind of thing drives me crazy because I want to know what I'm buying. The prices were really cheap, but I didn't see anything I was even interested in. Of course, this may have to do with the fact that my fabric closet is stuffed full and I'm not seeming to find much time for sewing. Usually a week off is filled with sewing, but since I was gone, this did not happen. I did crochet a scarf and pair of "wristers" that I will post later. I had planned on coming home from work tonight and doing some sewing, but ended up making something to eat, cleaning the kitchen and changing the sheets instead. Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

no-sewing weekend

I really wanted to get some sewing done this weekend, but I was really just feeling under the weather and actually accomplished just about nothing all weekend. I did take the above picture with my phone Friday evening in my driveway. The sky was beautiful.

I did get as far as cutting a swatch of wool that I bought last year and washing it to check for how much shrinkage. The 4" swatch shrank 1/4 inch, so that would be about 2-1/4" per yard if washed. I don't think I will wash these pants, but They will probably shrink at least 1/2 that amount from steaming. I would like to make these Marcy Tilton pants. I made the shorter version once about 2 years ago and I've worn them so much that they are pilling and looking pretty sad. The other ones are a linen blend, but since I have this wool in my closet, these will be wool!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Bianca

I made another Bianca top today. This time I added 1/4" to the shoulders, and added about 1/4 " to each side seam at the hip. I made the sleeves and bottom hem all 2" longer. I also used the coverstitch to do the hems to provide more elasticity. This time I traced the longer sleeve which is wider at the elbow, and then cut it off at the desired length. This sleeve is much more comfortable than the previous one.

You can see here that the neckline is just serged and turned under. I did use the coverstitch on the hems though.

Before I cut this out, I decided I would line it up with a Christine Johnson top that fits me well. It is from the basewear 2 pattern. Surprisingly, the shoulder slant is already there and matched perfectly my altered shoulder on this top! No wonder I liked the fit of that one so much. The biggest difference is that the CJ has a higher armscye and at least 2" in on each side at the waist for shaping! This top is pretty straight. Unfortunately, I have gained about 10 pounds since I made the CJ tops, so this is probably a better fit for me right now.

I saw a post on Cidell's blog about her serger being out of commission right now. It got me to thinking about how much I use mine. I think my serger is one of the best sewing investments I have made. I bought it about 20 years ago, and it doesn't have any special feet or even a differential. It just serges. I can use left or right needle or both, and can do a flatlock or rolled hem. That's it. Nothing fancy. But it has definitely been a workhorse and I use it on almost everything I sew.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bianca top

I've been working on this Bianca top. I love the fabric which is a rayon jersey. I made this without prewashing, allowing for a little shrinking in length. I did prewash a test 4X4 inch square, and it only shrank in length. Let me tell you, it was SO much easier working with this knit without it being prewashed. The edges didn't curl and it had more body, so it was easy to work with.

I was not happy with the neckline on this. You can't really see it in the picture, but I feel like it did not fit right for some reason. It fit better today than it did last night. Must have been the different bra haha! I decided last night that I would cut off the neck and do it over. I wanted to get a picture first so I could ask your opinions on the before and after. since I cut off the already hemmed neckline, this was a total removal of about 3/4 inch. I think I like the way it looks better now, but I've looked at it so much now that I'm not sure if I can tell if there is a difference or not. I'd like to make it again, so I'd like to know what you think about the neckline and which is more flattering. Also, next time I will widen the arm a bit and lengthen it about 2 inches

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel like a stranger in a foreign land

Today I pulled up my beloved bloglines to catch up my blog reading only to find out that as of October first, there will be no more Bloglines! OMG - my immediate thought was, "how will I access all my favorite blogs?" At one time I had them all listed in my blogroll, but it is so much easier to just click them into bloglines, that I have been keeping track of all of you out there that way. It was simple enough to export all of my blog feeds into an OPML following the instructions on Bloglines, and then I imported them into Google reader. But now I am lost. I no longer see the current pictures without opening the blogs. I can't figure out where I'm going or what I'm doing. OK, I only gave it 5 minutes, but still.
Work has been so crazy that I haven't been keeping up with my blogs the way I like to. Now it's going to take me even longer to figure the whole Google Reader thing.

So what do the rest of you do to keep up with your blog reading. Also, since I have an iphone, is there a good reader out there any of you are using that also has an iphone app?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Like It, I Like It!

Finished the Garbo tonight. Even though this fabric is really too limp for the jacket, I still like the way it turned out. It doesn't have enough body to completely hide the shoulder pads, but it does hang nicely other than that.

It took forever to straighten the grain on this fabric (a rayon acetate blend) and I finally ended up cutting along a thread crosswise and thread tracing along a thread at the fold line. It was extra work, but I'm really glad I did it. When something as loose as this is off grain, it will really pull and twist.

After altering the paper pattern just to raise the shoulder at the neck point (boy that was a quick and easy alteration - so nice not to fiddle with all the darts and tweaking) I laid out the pattern with weights. I traced around it with a marker and then cut with shears. Since the fabric is such a loose weave, I knew snip marks would not show, so I marked the notches with painters tape. This removed easily and did not leave any marks on the fabric.

Instead of using facings, I just turned under the neckline. First I serged it with 3 threads using the left rather than the right needle. I serged 1/4" clear elastic to the edge which stabilizes the seam. It does not show since the edge is turned under and stitched down.

The buttons took forever! The fabric is too loose to support buttons or button holes, so I covered snaps with silk organza and then sewed the buttons on the outside. The top snap looks best since I used two layers of organza. However, it is also the most difficult to snap, so after doing that one, I decided to use only one layer on the other ones. If I find that the snapping gets easier, then I may go back and cover the others with 2 layers. It just looks better to not have the snap showing through so much. When I looked at the jackets in Loes's shop, she told me that she covered her snaps with chiffon.

I really like how this turned out and I must say that I am happy with the fit. I really could not imagine making this without doing a FBA or at least adding a dart. How simple is this?

In my last post, Linda T asked, "How does a class like this work? Is it a "work though at your own pace?" Let us know how you like it." The online "seminar" is really just a PDF with a lot of instructions. I think there was a lot of good information included. Loes is really big on NOT washing fabric before you sew on it. There are other designers that feel the same way and there has been a lot of discussion on this topic off and on on several of the sewing boards. I haven't taken the leap of faith yet, but I do plan on doing it on the next couple of garments I make and see how I like the results. (This is also discussed in some detail in some of Loes's literature.)

All in all, I'm really happy with this jacket. Also shown in the photo above are the Oxford pants which I made out of some cheap fabric last year. Although I really like the pants, I hate cheap fabric. The pants look good from a distance, but they are already pilling and have snags. Very annoying.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Garbo

Last weekend when I was in Loes Hinse's shop, I noticed that all of her jackets were what she calls "cardiganized". In other words, no lining, no separate facings in the back, and the front is extended 1-1/2 " and turned under for a self facing. She is using a lot of knits and loose wovens for a super light feel. She feels the facings cause pulling and give an unflattering look for her flowy style. (even though the patterns include facings.)
Tonight, I cut out a pattern for the Garbo jacket using her fit tips and cardiganizing the pattern. Wow! What could be simpler? Only 3 pieces, no facings, no darts. Normally I do an FBA, forward shoulder, wider at the hips, and narrow shoulder. I would normally have added a dart and/or lowered the front hem. This time I cut a straight small with the only adjustment being adding 1/2" inch at the neckline on the front shoulder.

The fabric I am using is a very loose weave rayon acetate blend. It may be too unstable for this, but we will see. It is an ivory/oatmeal color with a "linen" weave. I really like it and it is soft and silky feeling.

I also purchased an online "seminar" from the Casual Elegance Website called "Sewing with Loes 2000" She recommended this one to me because it has all of the information she gave me on pants fitting. It also has information on stabilizing, her philosophy, fabric choice, sewing processes and laying out the pattern and cutting. Even though I am an experienced sewer, I found it good information and worth the price, which was $35.00.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Loes Hinse

I've known for months that my husband was doing a triathlon this weekend in Pacific Grove/Montery. So my first thought? Loes Hinse's studio is in Carmel, and I'd really like to go! I talked to Andy about it before we left, and he was all for it. So, after a few phone calls, and a good GPS, we made our way to Loes's studio.
I had talked to Sharon Lyon's on the phone earlier when I could not get ahold of Loes. I had told her that I was having some fit issues, so really wanted to get into the boutique and try on the clothes to see what I needed to do. Well, she spoke to Loes before I got there, so Loes was expecting me and my "fit issues" I always thought I could not wear the jackets because of having a full bust (34DD) and the patterns have no darts. I also thought I have narrow, sloping, forward shoulders and wide hips. OK, I do have the wide hips, but come to find out, the forward shoulder is not really my issue at all, but the sloping. Also, I always tried to correct the sloping by lowering the shoulder at the armscye. Loes showed me how raising the shoulder at the neckline would release the fabric that was causing wrinkles in the front of the garments. This also stops the jackets/tops from hiking up in the front. I can hardly wait to get home and try it.

It was great visiting with Loes. Not only did she help me with this top issue, she also gave me suggestions for the best pant and top patterns for my body type (which is very similar to hers, but she's smaller) She gave me tips on how to deal with the waistband because of sway back and how to do a rotation alter for a longer rise in the pants. She suggested the oxford (which I have) and the Hepburn(which I'm ordering) because of the fact that my thighs are larger in the front and wider on the sides than my hips. The best jacket length for me is the shorter. In her store, all of the tops right now are the bianca.

I also got to see the new jacket, top, and pants designs. The jacket is very much like the ascot, but the neckline and collar are a little different. The top (which also includes a dress) is sort of a wider shoulder tank. She was wearing the new pants are very wide. I think she is calling these the "Cabo", but I can't remember exactly. She asked me to share the following things:
The princess tank has been reissued and will only be available at Casual Elegance. In fact, all of her new patterns, which will be on heavier paper, will only be available through CE. Patterns that are at other vendors, once they are sold out, will no longer be available unless they are under a reissue. The Capri pant is the next to be reprinted. I think the jacket is coming out next, and then the pants and the top/dress. She will not even be selling her own patterns through her site - all will be offered through Casual Elegance. The skirt, which was pretty interesting when I saw it in person - not a typical wrap as it looks in the pix - is only available through download.
All in all, I'm so glad I finally got to get in to Loes's shop, and I can't wait to make some new clothes. I saw all (or most) of the fabrics that are available through CE right now, and I love them. Last night I placed an order for fabric to make a jacket, pants, and a couple of tops. I had to order the pants fabric in 2 pieces, so I hope I may have enough left over to make a skirt.

Monday, September 06, 2010

V is for Vest

I have been wanting to make a vest for about 3 years now, and just havent done it. Well, I did make a reversible SafTPockets vest a couple of years ago, but that didn't turn out very well. It was way too big and I only wore it one time and gave it away. Anyway, this is exactly the kid of vest I have been wanting to make. I found this pattern in the May BWOF of 2009. It also has another version with a collar and cap sleeves which I really like.

From Fall2010

This pattern is for a woven, but I had about a yard of ponte knit left over from the last skirt that I wanted to use. Since I was using a knit instead of a woven, I did not cut it out on the bias as the pattern calls for. I debated leaving it unlined, but decided it wouldn't really be much extra work to line it, and I always like lined things better anyway. This lining is left over from a skirt I made a couple of years ago. It actually was the lining for the skirt. Unfortunately, I am too fat to wear the skirt now, but I love that skirt and am hanging onto it with high hopes of fitting into it again.
From Fall2010

I am taking a trip to Tennessee in October to visit my brother, so I am trying to put together a few things that will travel well and fit the weather there. It is still HOT here, but I'm thinking it will probably be cool in Tennessee in the fall. I think this vest will get a lot of use.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Here

I got my copy in the mail today and I LOVE it. I think I'll end up reading this cover to cover.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another NL6977

I made this top a week or so ago, andI finally finished this little skirt today. This should have only taken me a couple of hours to cut and sew, but instead, it took me several days. First of all, I sewed the waistband to the hem instead of the top edge! Not only that, I sewed it. Removing serging is hard enough, but on a black knit, it is almost impossible. Well, I finally finished that today and sewed the skirt back together. Another problem is that the skirt is a bit short. I picked up some hem facing lace and turned up about 1/2 inch and sewed on the hem lace. So, this quick little project, was not so quick. Nevertheless, I really like the skirt and might make another. It's super comfortable because of being a knit and because of the wide waistband. Now, don't think I'm actually running around looking like this.

I'm actually running around looking more like this. I am still wearing a brace on my leg and going to physical therapy twice a week to build up more strength in my leg to support my knee. It's getting better and better though.

I have a lot of things on my list of what I want to sew right now. I do have fabric to make another knit skirt (the fuller version from the same pattern) and a pair of pants. I think I'll finish those off before I start something new.

I am really wanting to make that knit blazer that I talked about before, and picked up some light gray knit from JoAnns the other day. It is a cotton lycra rib, and has exactly the look I want. However, I would have preferred to find a rayon blend knit, but I haven't found any in the medium gray color I wanted. Today it was actually cool (in the 80s) and so it really made me want to start sewing for fall. Unfortunately, it will be back in the high 90s by mid week, so I'm sure I'll probably want to make another hot weather garment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swan Lake Like You've Never Seen It!

I'm not a huge ballet fan, but this is incredible.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Look 6977

Today I made this little top. I bought this pattern last spring and found this fabric in San Diego. I have another knit that I will make into it next, but I need to get some orange thread. :)
I think the fabric on this one looks nice and would look great with a black skirt

I actually want to make all the pieces in this pattern because they all look simple and easy to wear. I have some knit that I was going to make a skirt out of today, but I wanted to make the longer fuller skirt and the ponte knit that I have is too heavy. It would be right for the straight skirt though. Actually, the straight skirt would probably look better with the fabric in this top anyway.

There were several things I liked about this pattern.
First of all, it only takes one yard of fabric!
Next: raglan sleeves - nothing easier.
Third, the neckline band. It gives a nice touch

I used a good quality polyester knit that I purchased in San Diego this past spring. It looks like a border print, but it's really a stripe.

I used a 10 at the neck and tapered to a 14 at the hips. Next time I will narrow the upper back by taking off 1/4" at the seam that attaches to the sleeve. I have narrow shoulders and a narrow upper back. I should have thought of this the first time.

This is a great knit top with a little something extra. The neckline in this top has a couple of nice features. First of all, it has a band around the neckline. This would also look nice in a contrasting color. On the inside, there is elastic and a very small dart in the band. Be careful not to have your elastic come into the seam allowance or it will be difficult to get a neat looking dart. Also, if you are large busted, you will need to increase the length of the elastic. I added an inch in length to the bust area and should have done the same thing with the elastic. Next time, I will.

I have a cover stitch machine, but do not use it very often. Today I moved it next to my sewing machine (it used to be in another room with my serger. Now they are both in the sewing room) to force myself how to use it more. I used it to finish the hem and sleeve hems. I have always had trouble taking fabric out of the cover stitch without unraveling or puckering the seam.. I have read all about it, but it just was not working for me without releasing the lever underneath the needle plate. Then I watched this video on UTube, and it finally made sense to me. I hope I will start using this more because I really like the look it gives and it is a lot easier to do than the twin needle.I used the coverstitch to do the hem on the bottom and sleeves.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Bathing Suit

I actually made a bathing suit! Kwik Sew 3503 is the pattern I used. The fabric I got from Sewing Studio Fabrics a couple of years ago. I picked up the swimsuit lining from JoAnns. I'm really pleased how this turned out and it was so simple to make. I like how the lining has elastic under the bust to make it fit better. I will definitely make this again! Next time (I forgot to do it this time) I will add 1" across the fullest part of the bust in length to accommodate for full bust. The only adjustments I made on this was to cut a small in the upper back. Both the front and the back I cut the height of the medium and tapered to a large in width at the hips, but only cut the full length of the medium. For my measurements, it worked out perfectly.

The other day I was on the JJill website and saw this knit blazer. I love the professional look, but also the casual ease of the look. Although I love the look of high heels, skinny jeans, and short skirts, none of these looks work for my body type or my bad feet. I was really inspired looking through their site at the combinations of pieces for fall. This is a look that I can really wear, be appropriate for work, and be comfortable. I even have some fabrics that I think will be perfect.

I'm also really digging this relaxed menswear look this season and starting to plan out some things I would like to make for fall.

I started a thread on PR about the knit blazer and got some great suggestions for patterns. I ordered a Christine Johnson pattern and 2 Kwik Sew Patterns.

This second pattern is actually for wovens, but I have some great wools I would love to try this in.

this last one is the Christine Johnson pattern. It also comes with a boatneck shell

I also think I will be making a few longer cardigans this year. I have 3 favorite patterns the first one is from Pamela's patterns. It is not really a favorite yet, since all I have made from this so far is the top. I'd also like to try the cropped cardi on this one.

Nancy Erickson's FSG cardigan pattern is a favorite and I have made it before. I have some plum colored sweater knit that I'd like to use for this one. Her patterns do have great instructions and always turn out nicely.

This New Look pattern is very similar to the FSG pattern. I have made this one as well.

Right now I have a couple of things fighting their way for the top of my sewing table, including 2 UFO jackets. We'll see what comes up next!