Sunday, September 12, 2010

Loes Hinse

I've known for months that my husband was doing a triathlon this weekend in Pacific Grove/Montery. So my first thought? Loes Hinse's studio is in Carmel, and I'd really like to go! I talked to Andy about it before we left, and he was all for it. So, after a few phone calls, and a good GPS, we made our way to Loes's studio.
I had talked to Sharon Lyon's on the phone earlier when I could not get ahold of Loes. I had told her that I was having some fit issues, so really wanted to get into the boutique and try on the clothes to see what I needed to do. Well, she spoke to Loes before I got there, so Loes was expecting me and my "fit issues" I always thought I could not wear the jackets because of having a full bust (34DD) and the patterns have no darts. I also thought I have narrow, sloping, forward shoulders and wide hips. OK, I do have the wide hips, but come to find out, the forward shoulder is not really my issue at all, but the sloping. Also, I always tried to correct the sloping by lowering the shoulder at the armscye. Loes showed me how raising the shoulder at the neckline would release the fabric that was causing wrinkles in the front of the garments. This also stops the jackets/tops from hiking up in the front. I can hardly wait to get home and try it.

It was great visiting with Loes. Not only did she help me with this top issue, she also gave me suggestions for the best pant and top patterns for my body type (which is very similar to hers, but she's smaller) She gave me tips on how to deal with the waistband because of sway back and how to do a rotation alter for a longer rise in the pants. She suggested the oxford (which I have) and the Hepburn(which I'm ordering) because of the fact that my thighs are larger in the front and wider on the sides than my hips. The best jacket length for me is the shorter. In her store, all of the tops right now are the bianca.

I also got to see the new jacket, top, and pants designs. The jacket is very much like the ascot, but the neckline and collar are a little different. The top (which also includes a dress) is sort of a wider shoulder tank. She was wearing the new pants are very wide. I think she is calling these the "Cabo", but I can't remember exactly. She asked me to share the following things:
The princess tank has been reissued and will only be available at Casual Elegance. In fact, all of her new patterns, which will be on heavier paper, will only be available through CE. Patterns that are at other vendors, once they are sold out, will no longer be available unless they are under a reissue. The Capri pant is the next to be reprinted. I think the jacket is coming out next, and then the pants and the top/dress. She will not even be selling her own patterns through her site - all will be offered through Casual Elegance. The skirt, which was pretty interesting when I saw it in person - not a typical wrap as it looks in the pix - is only available through download.
All in all, I'm so glad I finally got to get in to Loes's shop, and I can't wait to make some new clothes. I saw all (or most) of the fabrics that are available through CE right now, and I love them. Last night I placed an order for fabric to make a jacket, pants, and a couple of tops. I had to order the pants fabric in 2 pieces, so I hope I may have enough left over to make a skirt.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Wow! What an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Glad you were able to get some fit time with Loes and get your issues worked out. Now I have to sit and wait patiently to see these lessons manifested...hope it's not to long! ;)

Mary Beth said...

Great post! Thanks for *all* the info. I'm glad you got up to Loes' shop, too :)(I can't believe Blogger is letting me leave a comment! wow)

Summerset said...

What a great trip for you! The fitting advice alone is invaluble

Nancy K said...

How lucky are you! What a great way to spend an afternoon. I have never worked with her patterns because of the lack of darts, but the jacket looks wonderful on you.