Monday, September 06, 2010

V is for Vest

I have been wanting to make a vest for about 3 years now, and just havent done it. Well, I did make a reversible SafTPockets vest a couple of years ago, but that didn't turn out very well. It was way too big and I only wore it one time and gave it away. Anyway, this is exactly the kid of vest I have been wanting to make. I found this pattern in the May BWOF of 2009. It also has another version with a collar and cap sleeves which I really like.

From Fall2010

This pattern is for a woven, but I had about a yard of ponte knit left over from the last skirt that I wanted to use. Since I was using a knit instead of a woven, I did not cut it out on the bias as the pattern calls for. I debated leaving it unlined, but decided it wouldn't really be much extra work to line it, and I always like lined things better anyway. This lining is left over from a skirt I made a couple of years ago. It actually was the lining for the skirt. Unfortunately, I am too fat to wear the skirt now, but I love that skirt and am hanging onto it with high hopes of fitting into it again.
From Fall2010

I am taking a trip to Tennessee in October to visit my brother, so I am trying to put together a few things that will travel well and fit the weather there. It is still HOT here, but I'm thinking it will probably be cool in Tennessee in the fall. I think this vest will get a lot of use.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so cute on you! Lovely work, as usual. :)


Mary said...

It's cute with that lining. Have a good trip and visit with your brother.

Summerset said...

What a fun lining. I think you will definitely get use of the vest this fall and winter.

gwensews said...

I love a fitted vest. It looks fantastic on you.

Gail said...

Vests are so practical for the in between seasons. The lining is fresh and pretty.

Sigrid said...

Lovely vest and fun lining. Looks very good on you.