Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mini Bow Tucks Handbag

A couple of weeks ago I made this purse by Quilts Illustrated.  It is called “Mini Bow Tucks”  I’m really digging this purse.  I started making it because my plan was to teach how to make a purse on my trip to Uganda this summer.  Unfortuntately, as it turns out, I will not be going to Uganda this summer due to a number of factors.  I am really looking forward to going NEXT summer though.

Anyway, this purse is made from scraps from my stash.  The light green main body fabric is actually fabric that I purchased last time I did go to Uganda.   I wish I would not have used such a bright lining, only because the lining does show.  There are some changes I will make when I make this again.

First, I would make at least a 2” strip of facing from the main fabric at the top of the lining.  This way, not so much of the lining would show.

Next, I would change the pockets on the inside.  I would leave the open pockets on one side, but I would insert a zippered pocket on the opposite side.

This pattern has you use fusible fleece interfacing on the lining, but I think I would omit that next time.  I think using it on the body is enough.  I might use regular interfacing on the lining though.

I do like how they have you cut a piece of cardboard for the bottom and cover it in fabric.  

The outside of this purse is quilted, and I really enjoy doing the free-form machine quilting .  I’d really like to make another one of these.

Since this purse doesn’t close completely at the top, I think I will make a small zippered bag or two to slip into the inside so that when my purse falls off the front seat of my car onto the floor, everything doesn’t spill out everywhere!

Now, If I could just find a pattern for a small wallet that I really like!!