Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane . . .

Well, Ladies, I leave tomorrow morning, dark and early. I am so humbled and amazed at the support from all of the sewists out there. I am grateful for your support and prayers. I am excited for this trip and looking forward to whatever God has in store for us and the women of Uganda. We will arrive at night, and will stay with a pastor and his family in Kampala. The next day, Karen and I will go shopping for sewing machines and fabric to set up a couple of village women in their own business. (Of course, I may have to make a few fabric purchases of my own!)

On Thursday, we will be going into the town of Jinja which is right on the equator and the start of the Nile River. Karen and I support a child through an organization called “Compassion.” This child lives close to Jinja, so we are getting to actually meet him for a couple of hours on Thursday morning. After that, we will be working with a group of pastor’s wives and teaching on the topic of forgiveness.
On Sunday, we will be moving out again and this time, going to a town called Kayunga. From here, we will go out into the villages (Busanna and Kasana). This is where we will be doing sewing with the women. I am a little worried because I want to teach them to make school uniforms, but have had difficulty in getting enough patterns for both ladies in all the sizes. I guess I will also be teaching how to size up or down a pattern! I don’t know what materials they have available for tracing over there, but I’m pretty sure I can get ahold of wax paper, so that is what I am planning on getting while I’m there. We will be in the villages through Friday and leave on a late night flight.

I am so looking forward to seeing these dear women again and meeting new ones. And thanks again for all of your support and also to those who linked my blog entry to theirs. What a wonderful group of women we sewists are!

This is the Nile River - - -