Monday, May 17, 2010


Today was a REALLY STRESSFUL day - so I need to focus on something OTHER than WORK. Let's see, it was 88 yesterday, but only 64 today. But, while we had sun, I got some pictures of what I like about SPRING!

These flowers my husband had sent to me at work. Now the blooms are faded away and I am going to plant it in the ground.

This vine has the most beautiful and prolific flowers each spring. I wish they would last all summer.

I love these iris. they practically grow like weeds in my front yard.

More iris. I'd really like to get some more colors.

This geranium is actually much brighter and prettier than it looks in this picture. This thing is growing like crazy, yet I have other geraniums that aren't doing nearly as well. Maybe it's the weeds that are keeping it alive :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A simple outfit for spring

I wanted to make the navy blue pants, but as it turns out, the fabric has a subtle (lurex?) stripe that is horizontal. Not the look I'm going for in pants. It will make a great jacket some day, but I'll have to find some other navy fabric for the pants. So, I dug through my cabinet to see what else I wanted to make, and I found this great black poly crepe fabric. It is lightweight and perfect for spring. Since the fabric had a nice drape to it, I decided to make another pair of the Loes Hinse Oxford Pants. I love the front pockets on these. The top is a very simple pattern that I've had for awhile, Simplicity 8523. What I like about this top is that it is a simple pullover designed for a woven. It would also be a great sleeveless top. If I make it again, I will probably make the V neckline a little deeper, but this is perfect for work.

I still want to do the navy pants and blue top, but I will have to find some other fabric for the pants. Right now I am wanting to make some dresses, so hopefully you will be seeing some dresses from me soon.

And, I have some belated pictures of Mother's day that I have to share.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why Didn't I get Any SEwing Done this Weekend?

Because we spent our weekend working in the yard. Last year I planted a garden, but had minimal success. First of all, I do not have much room and second, our dirt was like a rock. Then, last year I heard about Square Foot Gardening. I was so interested, that I decided to order the book. While I was in Africa, Andy had someone make the wooden beds for us and then last weekend, they brought them over for us. I had told Andy about the soil mixture I wanted in the boxes, and when I got home form an event last weekend, the boxes were in place and filled. Unfortunately, they were not in place exactly where I wanted them and they had not put weed cloth underneath them. So, this weekend, we emptied the boxes and moved them. We made several trips to the hardware store getting plants, drip supplies, seeds, boards for the dividers, and other miscellaneous items. Today we got the plants in, but I still have some seeds to plant. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Later this week we are going to put up trellis net and braces behind one of the boxes for tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.

So, as much as I wanted to get some sewing done this weekend, it once again, did not happen. I am planning though, and this is what I'm hoping to use next to make a pair of pants, top and jacket. I've had the navy fabric and the boucle for so long that I no longer have the cards that tell the fabric content. The navy fabric is probably some kind of polyester blend, and the boucle feels like maybe a cotton and rayon blend. I haven't decided whether I will line it yet or not. I'm going to make the Loes Hinse Bolero Jacket and the pants will be another pair of the Oxford Pants.