Friday, October 01, 2021

We're almost on fire!

 I haven't been posting much because I've been consumed by all of the fires.  We have had to leave our home twice because of AQI scale!  If you're not familiar with the scale, that's extremely hazardous.  I won't get into all the details of the fire except to say that it is VERY close to our town and touching it in at least 3 areas.  The fire is over 51,000 acres now and 20% contained.

On the clothing front, I've been wearing my dress every day.  You can follow my daily updates on instagram under Nancyonedress100days.  Here are some highlights of how I have styled the dress since my last post.  

Working in the garden with my little Emma.

Sunny days mean hats!

This is a shirt I made that has turned out to be one of my favorites!  it is the London shirt by The Sewing Workshop.  The fabric is double gauze from Blackbird Fabrics.
I'm loving this little silky scarf that I picked up at one of. my favorite boutiques over at the coast.

The hubs and me at church.  This is a silk blouse that I made years ago.  I think it was the Plain and Simple by Louise cutting

I love this picture!  My youngest Granddaughter Avery and me at her house.  I'm wearing a Tina Givens pattern in rayon challis over the dress.

This was on labor day.  The girls were getting ready to do the "Murph challenge."  My challenge was to run after Avery and keep her out of the garage! 

More next time!