Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Traveling Woes

From Maui 2009

Well, we finally made it to Hawaii.  It seems like the first couple of days were spent trouble shooting, and unfortunately, we lost 2 days of our vacation.

Day 1:  Get up at 3 am in order to get ready and to the airport on time.  Everything goes smoothly, but when we got there, our flight was delayed.  We weren’t worried because we had a 3 hour lay over in Salt Lake City (which By The Way, is NOT on the way to Hawaii from California!)  They kept pushing back the time of our flight, and after waiting in the airport for 4 hours, they sent us home to try again the next day.  Not good.  And  yes, we still had to pay for our parking that day.


We went home and slept.  When we got up, we decided to go back to Fresno and spend the night in case there was early morning fog.  Also, we could leave our car at the hotel for a park and fly instead of at the airport.


Day 2:  We get a call from our son who is already at the airport and he has forgotten his ID.  Now I’m not happy because we have to drive him back to his house about 15-20 minutes from the airport to get the ID.  As it turns out, the guy at the ticket counter tells him not to worry about it, that he can make it through on his expired drivers licence and a few questions.  We’re all set – until we get to the ticket counter and I realize that I don’t have my ID.  I can’t believe this, and all I can think is that I left it in the jacket I had on the first day, but left it at home.  I am now prepared to send my family off to Hawaii and drive back to Visalia yet again, but I get through security and we figure all is well.


Now, I’m worried about not having my drivers licence because not only do I not have any ID with me, I cannot get the rental car nor cash any of the travelers checks, which are all in my name.  We figure we will have the person who is watching our house overnight the ID to us at the resort.  Somewhat inconvenient, but doable.


Right before we get on the plane, we find out that my driver’s license is not at home, so I figure maybe it got tossed in my carry on.  We land in Salt Lake City (again, WHY did we have to go to Utah before Hawaii??) and it is 4 degrees.  FOUR!  I’m from California – I have NEVER seen 4 degrees.  Not only that, this airplane lets us off outside and we have to walk on the icy ground to the air terminal.  I would never make it in that weather.


We land in Kahului and take a shuttle over to the car rental.  They tell us there is nothing they can do for us.  They are willing to rent to my son (for a higher price, of course), but then we discover that his license is expired.  Oh brother!  We take a shuttle back to the airport and our shuttle driver tells us that we can make a police report and that should be able to work for us to rent a car.  So, after speaking to a couple of different airport police, someone finally gives me the number to the Maui police and they say they will send someone out to make a report and that I should wait curbside.  After standing in the wind for 45 minutes, I call back the police department, and they tell me that the officer is on an emergency and they don’t know how long it will be.  I tell them I will call again after I get to my hotel.

From Maui 2009


We end up taking a shuttle to our resort, and finally get here after dark.  I still have no ID, no car, and can’t even cash any travelers checks because they are all in my name.  After we check in, I call the Maui police again, and a nice officer calls me back within ½ hour and takes the report over the phone.  He faxes the report to me at the resort.


Day 3:  We get up, have breakfast and go out to the pool.  I start calling rental places, and most of them tell me no, they will not rent a car to me.  Finally, a very nice man at Budget tells me he can get me a car, but not until later that afternoon.  He calls me back later and tells me he can still get the car, but that the place on this side of the island will be closed for a few days, so I will need to get back to the airport – which is on the other side of the island.


So, the family decides we will take the buses over to the airport.  The first bus takes us to Whaler’s village, which is a great place to shop and eat.  The next bus takes us to a couple of different stops in  Lahaina where you can go grocery shopping, go to the warf, and do just about anything you would want to do in Maui.  The third bus takes us over to Kahului where there is the DMV, the airport, and the mall.  By this time, we are thinking, “Do we need a car?”  Yes, the shuttle to and from the airport is $70, but a car rental is between $120 and 150 a day.  Bus rides are a dollar.  We decide we will not need a car this trip.  We have just saved ourselves hundreds of dollars.  The buses run until 8 at night, and even if we have to take a taxi home, it is still cheaper than renting a car and you don’t have to worry about parking anywhere. 


OK, so we’re glad that we don’t have to rent the car, but I still can’t cash my travelers’ checks!  AND, I’m hoping my police report will serve as adequate ID to get me back on the plane to go home!

From Maui 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another SWAP

Stitchers Guild is doing another SWAP this year (Sewing With a Plan/Purpose) I've kind of laid off of contests for a while, but I do have a purpose for this one. Many of you know that I went to Uganda last year to teach women to sew. Well, we are putting our plans in the works for another venture this year. I am so excited to get to do this again, and another woman from my church is going to be going with me. In fact, she is sort of the reason I got back into sewing again - long story for another post. Anyway, here is what I'm planning for the swap

2 dresses:

  • One long dress made from fabric I got in Uganda last year.
  • One shorter sheath style dress from a musical print shades of gold cotton
6 tops
  • one white button up shirt from embroidered cotton
  • a black and green African Print rayon crinkle pull over top (LH Marseille pattern)
  • 4 tanks/Ts - a red and black sports wicking fabric, green cotton interlock, black and white stripe knit, black and white print knit similar to ITY jersey
2 bottoms
  • LH Swing pattern skirt in black linen
  • Marcy Tilton sectioned skirt in green linen
1 extra item
  • LH capri or Garbo jacket in green linen

One item must be either embroidered or beaded. I'm thinking of either embroidering sections of the green skirt, or the neckline of the green top.
One item must feature buttons or an unusual closure. Well, the shirt and the jacket both have buttons, but I haven't thought of anything that "featurable" for them. I may do bound buttonholes on the jacket. My other thought was to use a distinctive exposed zipper on the back of the dress, but that wouldn't really be appropriate for my trip. I am thinking though of using a Riri zipper and changing the front of the jacket to a zip closure.

Athena II finished

I'm feeling proud of myself for finally making an "outfit". Yes, I made a shirt to go with a pair of pants. Why is this a "new" concept for me?? Actually, it's not, but I usually end up making things that go with other things I already have. I really want to start making more "go together" pieces so I don't have the "nothing to wear" syndrome.

Now for the Athena 2. This top has interesting lines, but those interesting lines make for some concentration and careful pinning to make sure everything goes together right. Also, since I had never made this top before, it ended up being way to big in the back. I ended up taking in both of the vertical darts in the back, plus taking in the side seams quite a bit. I didn't think I'd ever want to make it again, but after wearing it this afternoon, I'm very pleased with how comfortable it is. Also, most tops with this type of styling (front hem detail that requires being untucked) are usually too short. This one is not. I like the length, and next time, I will let it out just a smidge at the hips, but take in the upper back more.

The pattern instructions tell you how to adjust for a full bust, which is good since the pattern pieces are unusually shaped and I really wasn't sure how to go about doing a FBA. I decided to add some top-stitching detail to emphasize the design lines and then that led me to use black buttons. I like the overall look. I'm not sure if I need to reshape the side seams a little bit. There seems to be a little poofiness above the hip that is unflattering, but that may be because it was pulled up a little bit in the back in the pictures.

What makes this shirt different than any regular shirt?

  • square sleeve insertion
  • square neck/collar seam
  • vest-like front hem
  • collar is cut on the bodice and attaches behind the neck (I had a Marfy overshirt like this once)
  • Buttons on the short sleeves
  • Order of construction - flat construction (sleeves are sewn in before side seams)
  • Fusible interfacing is sewn on to facing and then turned and under-stitched
  • back hem is finished before side seams are sewn.
So, as you can see, there are definitely some design differences in this pattern. It's nice to have something that's different, but still very wearable. I may make it again since it is so comfortable and easy to wear.

close up of top-stitching

The pants are another pair of the LH Oxford pants. I need to scoop out the crotch a bit in the back on my pattern pieces to match the changes I made on this pair. This is a great RPL that I got from Gorgeous Fabrics and it has the perfect drape for these pants.

I want to make another outfit, but I think I need to make a Christmas dress. The family is going on vacation over Christmas, so I need a new dress!

I have more pictures here.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Athena 2 in the making

What am I working on now? Well, I have another pair of Oxford pants hanging and waiting to be hemmed. To go with them, I am trying the La Fred Athena 2 pattern. I have had this pattern for a couple of years and have never made it. I'm using a nice white cotton and I think I'm going with black buttons. There are interesting lines to the shirt, but that also makes for a bit of a time consuming project as well. All of those corners! The neckline is also sewn in corners, which looks nice, but is hard to get right. Mine is not exactly right. I'm making the short sleeved version. I think I'm a little more than half way finished on this one.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Oxford Pant

Lately I have been having a facination with Loes Hinse patterns. I've made a few things like the Capri Jacket, Bergman Blouse, Marseilles shirt, New York Dress, and a couple of others. These were all made a couple of years ago, so it's been awhile since I've made a LH pattern.

I've been wanting some elastic waist pants that do not look like pajama bottoms. My rheumatoid arthritis has been acting up lately, and when it does, snaps and buttons are almost impossible to deal with.

I've been looking at the Loes Hinse patterns lately (including Textile Studio patterns). These are the Oxford Pant. I still wasn't sure that I would like these pants, but decided to give them a try anyway. When I finally put them on I fell in love with them. I had tried on a pair of pants at Cold Water Creek a couple of years ago that had this same cut. I loved those pants, but they didn't have them in the color I wanted in my size. I've looked for a pattern with this same cut - and now I've found it. At first, I was a little apprehensive, thinking that these might look dated or just plain unflattering. I'm so glad I tried them, because these are my new favorite pants. I have another pair in black on the cutting table right now!

One of the things I like about these pants are the pockets. Also, the sides are top stitched, and that looks nice. There are darts in the back, which help alleviate the "baggy butt" look.
All in all, I'm really pleased with these pants and think you'll be seeing a lot more of these! I also got the Cruise Pant pattern, and will be trying that soon.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

McCalls 5941 Jacket

This all started with these pants that I made last week. I had plenty of fabric left over, so I wanted to make a jacket to go with it. I decided I would make the Textile Studios Capri Jacket, but after searching through all of my patterns, I could not find it. I decided to order the LH Garbo Jacket from Pattern Review. It only took a couple of days to get here, so I got right on it. I cut the top of the jacket using my upper bust measurement and then did a FBA. Well, it fit perfectly over the bust, but was too tight in the shoulders. I was disappointed, because there really wasn't any way that I could fix it, and although it is wearable, it doesn't look very good. Fortunately, I still had almost 2 yards of fabric left over, so I decided to try something different. I had been wanting this McCalls pattern,5941, so I went to my local Walmart and bought it. I cut it out and practically made the whole thing in one evening. I did finish it up the next day, and wore it to work today.

I really like the jacket, but I need to move the snap because it does not hang straight in the front. I did cover the snaps with a scrap of ambiance

I am really anxious to try two new patterns that I just ordered. Both of them are pants patterns from Loes Hinse. These are not new patterns, but I really want something super comfortable to wear to work and on weekends. I always wear my tops out, and especially in the winter, I usually have on a sweater or jacket, so why not try some elastic waist pants that are quick to sew and comfortable to wear? I am trying the cruise pant and the Oxford pant. Both of these pants have gotten good reviews on PR, so I'm going to give them a try.

Cruise pant on the left and Oxford on the right.

I am also thinking about joining the SWAP on Stitcher's Guild. I had a lot of plans for what I wanted to make, and then I realized I needed something totally different. The contest ends somewhere around March, and I'm planning another trip to Uganda in late March. I am so excited to have the opportunity to return there and teach women how to sew. This time we have a much better plan, and will be teaching women to make skirts, since this is mostly what they wear. As plans for the trip develop, I will keep you posted. Anyway, I'm going to be needing clothes for the trip. Last year I made quite a few things and then gave them to the people in the last village we worked with. I will probably do something similar this time. Now I know that bright, colorful clothing is what I need, so I am working on a plan!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another pair of pants

I finished these pants today like I was hoping I would. In fact, I was able to wear them out to dinner. I'm really happy with these. One problem I had with the last pair was a little sagging under the seat. I was so excited when I saw the latest issue of Threads, as they had an article on how to fix this very problem. It seems I have a "tilted pelvis" or low seat because this alteration worked for me.

Here is a picture of the "fix."

And the result:

So, I'm pretty happy with these. They fit, they're comfortable, and they look pretty good. Not only that, they are a poly suiting, so I can throw them into the wash. Can't beat that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We just had the family and one of DDs friends, but it was lots of fun. Brother and SO came over earlier and we ate quiche (Marie Callendar's), cranberry scones and lattes and played games. It was a nice way to start the day. That's cranberry butter you're seeing on the plate, and it's really yummy. This recipe made about 16 scones.

We have been spending a lot of time lately working on cakes, and we've been making lots of flowers. I can't tell you how many hours we spent making all these flowers, but it was really fun.

This only represents half of the flowers we made. We made roses, rose buds, apple blossoms, chrysanthemums, pansies, african daisies, primroses, violets, and daffodils.

My favorite are the pansies.

I found a recipe for a pumpkin cake and did that. And here is the finished product!

We're pretty proud of our cakes :-)

Today I am planning on finishing another pair of pants. I would have finished them last night, but I could not find the back yoke facings. The time I spent looking for those things, I could have cut out another pair. I am doing that this morning and finishing the pants. I always get a little wrinkle under the butt on pants, and this months Threads magazine had an article on how to fix that. I can't wait to try them on completely finished and take a picture to see if it really fixed the problem. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Pants

My cat likes to sleep on the ironing board. Because of this, I seem to have a lot of golden hairs on my new black pants! I must invest in more pet hair removers :-)

I finally finished these black pants. I think I really like them after making some adjustments. I lowered the crotch seam about 3/4", let out the seam at the butt for more room, and narrowed the legs about 4" in circumference on both! I think they would still benefit from taking them in a little more at the knees. I started these pants with a size 16 to cover my 40+" hips, but maybe I would have been better of to start with a 14 and then just let out a little at the hip.

I would definitely make these again. I'm wearing them today, so we'll see how much I love them by the end of the day. Here are some pix:

It's hard to see in black, but the fit is pretty good in the back. I lengthened the darts about 3/8" because I have a low butt. I like the fit of the wider waistband/yoke

These pants have a separate "yoke" piece sewn on the pocket so that you can use thinner fabric for the pocket and still have the right look on the front of your pants.

Here is the inside construction. I really like the look you get with the separate fly

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pants Fitting - or "Why Do I Always Wear Black Underwear When I'm Making a Muslin?"

This muslin has taken me a little longer, but I'm really happy with it so far. I am having to do very little tweaking to get an "average" fit. Unfortunately, I probably won't be happy with "average" so I hope I don't make this into more of a major issue than it needs to be! When I looked in the mirror, I was pretty happy with the fit. Now that I"m looking at the pictures, I can see a lot more detail

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

The Good: This view doesn't look too bad. If I really look at this, it looks like I might need to take a little out of the front side seam above the hip and add a little to the back side seams to get the side seam to perfectly perpendicular to the floor. It seems to pull toward the back because of my butt. I told you I was a "curvy" figure.

The Bad: Actually, the fit isn't that bad. It's what's inside the pants that I wish I could change!

And why must I always be wearing black underwear when I am making these muslins?

OK, the ugly. This doesn't look so hot - but again, who wears pants made out of muslin!? Actually, I think the fit is pretty good, and I think most of those wrinkles will disappear in a bit heavier fabric.
I had to take in the CB seam from about the bottom of the darts up, but it looks like I may need to let out the CB seam at the fullest part of the butt because there seems to be a lot of pulling there.

I'm not going to do any more tonight - but will get a fresh look at these tomorrow. And, it's Veteran's day. So I'm thanking the veterans for giving us a holiday so I can stay home and sew! Which is pretty meaningless considering what our veterans really have done for us.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Plain and Simple Bootcut - Not so Hot

Well, I did get to that muslin yesterday, and thank goodness I made a muslin! I used a size 12, which according to the measurements on the Hot Patterns envelope would have been right for me, but I could not even get those things half way up my thighs! I let out the seams to 1/4 inch sas and could still barely get them up my legs. They fit fine in the hips, except for the fact that the back didn't even come up to the top of my bikini-high underwear! I could have spent hours trying to make this muslin/pattern fit, or choose another pattern. I decided on the latter.

Now I am going to make a muslin for S2700. I bought this a while ago, but when I tried to use their formula to decide which pattern type (slim/average/ curvy) none of their ratios lined up with mine. Now, why did I even try to figure this out? I'm curvy and that's all there is to it! I cut out a muslin on these last night, and we'll see what happens. I do like that they have automatically built in 1" side seams all around. I also added an additional inch at the waist incase I need to raise the waist seam or lengthen the crotch curve. I hope I can get to it today. I have put off my school work long enough, and now I must get to that.

Oh, BTW, we went and saw This is it last night and I loved it.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday musings

Even though I have a lot of school work to do this weekend, I am hoping to get some sewing done. Have any of you made the HP boot cut pants? I looked at Pattern Review, and could not find any reviews for them. I have this pattern in my stash and am hoping to do a muslin today.

Grace and I have our second cake decorating course starting today. Fortunately, we do not have to bring cakes until the last week, but you can bet we will be making cakes at home to "practice" I think my thighs cannot handle any more cakes right now, but it doesn't seem to be stopping me. I am having fun trying new cake recipes, but Grace prefers to stick with the box mixes. We are both experimenting with different frostings (and Nancy K, if you're reading this, I would still love to try your recipe.)

This afternoon, DH and I have a date to go see "This is it" Let's see, class from 11 - 1, movie at 4, report card comments to finish... I am still determined to get some sewing in!

And, on a sadder note, PotPie got into a little fight when he sneaked out of the house last week and ended up having surgery. You can see more pictures here, but be warned, some of them are gross. He seems to be handling it well and is being so sweet about having to wear that collar!

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's about time I finished something!

McCalls 5884
This blouse should have taken an afternoon or so, but I think it took me more like 3 weeks! First of all, I laid this out 3 times before finally settling on this fabric. The blouse is a bit of a fabric hog, and my first two choices did not have enough fabric. I do like the blouse, but I hate doing single layer cutting, which you do have to do on this blouse since the neck scarf is cut on the bias. I'm happy with the end result though. I've never made this kind of sleeve before, but I like the way it looks. There is an inner piece and an outer piece. There are a few modifications I would make to this blouse if I make it again and I've outlined them on my review at Pattern Review. I'd really like to be sewing more, so I'm hoping that I will start forcing myself to make time to do it. Too many other things seem to be getting in the way. Speaking of which, DD and I have been making a lot of cakes and trying different cake and frosting recipes. Nancy K, if you're reading this I'd love to try your recipe you referred to. I looked on the internet and found many variations, so would love to try the one you like. Our cakes are still fairly primitive looking, but we're having fun and learning.

You can see more cakes here. We feel pretty proud of our cakes for just having had 4 classes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I never thought I'd see the day

that I'd get my daughter to use the sewing machine, but low and behold, we are making aprons! Do you know how long I've wanted to teach my daughter to sew? And how long she has resisited? Well, I don't think she's really that excited about it, but she was a bit shocked at how easy it is to use the sewing machine. And, she really is doing a good job.

As I mentioned a post or two before, we are taking a cake decorating class. Well, she decided that it would be good for us to have aprons. While we were at JoAnns getting something for our class, we went over to the quilting area and I let her pick out the fabrics for the aprons. I think she was expecting me to make them, but somehow I got her to cut hers out and even get on the sewing machine! She's a little more than half done on hers, and I just finished mine. I figured I better stay a few steps ahead of her so that I could head off any problems or confusion. I am not having her read the guidesheet at this point; I'm just telling her which step to do next. Also, I did the double turned hem since it is a curved seam. I want to make this as easy as possible for her so that she will want to do it again! Hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow of her finished apron! Oh, BTW, this is from MCCalls 5825

On the kitchen side of things, we have been making cakes. A lot of cakes. I think I am sick of cake. Pretty soon my husband's office will be sick of eating cake. My daughter's work may even become sick of eating cake - but right now, everyone loves that we are taking this class, because we want everyone else to eat all the cake!

WE are learning a lot about frosting. We are learning that it takes a LOT of powdered sugar and shortening to make frosting. We are scouring all the local stores for the best prices on powdered sugar and shortening! We are up to our elbows in powdered sugar and shortening.

We are also learning that the littlest amount of sunshine in your car can melt the frosting on the 10 minute drive home from JoAnns!

and, since I'm off work this week (our school district takes a week of in October. That's why we start back to school the first week in August!) I'm actually doing some cooking as well as baking. Made a great Spinach Vegetable Soup for dinner. I thought it was going to be spinach overload while I was making it, but it actually turned out pretty yummy. Now, if we could just get the fall weather to go with the soup. It rained all day yesterday, but today it was 75degress. I'm not complaining, it's definitely better than 95. :-)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cake Decorating 101

I've been a stranger to my sewing room lately, but I'm hoping to rectify that this next week while I'm on vacation!

In the meantime, DD and I have decided to take a cake decorating class. Last weekend was our first class, and basically, it was all demonstration for that first day. Our homework assignment is to come in on Saturday with a frosted cake ready for decorating, and 3 different consistencies of frosting divided into different batches for coloring and decorating. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

Well, let me tell you that cake making has never been my forte. They always come out tasting good, but usually are about 1" tall. Grace and I decided we'd better make some practice cakes before we have to do the "real thing" Grace made the first cake earlier this week. Hers came out pretty good, but one layer broke when she turned it out of the pan, so she had to glue it back together with icing. Her icing was a little too thick, so she had trouble getting it to go on smoothly. Also, her sides were not straight up and down, but more at an angle going toward the top.

Last night I made another cake, and she and I frosted it today. Well, my icing was too thin, so it kept sliding off the cake! Also, my layers shifted because the icing was too slippery. Who knew that the perfect consistency for frosting would be so difficult to attain? My goal is to have one of those cakes where the top is perfectly flat and absolutely parallel to the bottom, and the sides are perfectly smooth and perpendicular to the top.

This cake is not it. I figure by the time I make 30 or 40 cakes, I should have it down! I think my co workers are probably going to love me because I will be bringing these cakes to work lest I eat every one of them!

Well, since we had left over icing, and since we could tell how badly we suck at the basics, that we better get a little practice on using the tips and the decorating bag. We practiced on wax paper first, and then put a little design on the cake. Hopefully the next cake I post will look better than this one!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

V8522 jacket finished!

This would have been finished a week ago, but I didn't have any big snaps. Well, actually I do have big snaps, but they are not black and I can't find them. Story of my life - I can never find things when I want them. I try to be organized, but I'm like that ADD kid and don't always pay attention to what I'm doing, so half the time, I don't remember where I put things, even though it makes perfect sense to me at the time I put them away. sigh.....

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the jacket. It does have a problem with the lining wanting to roll out to the front. The jacket is lined to the edge, meaning there are no facings. It doesn't seem to be a problem in the sleeves or even at the hem, but where the lining meets the collar - that's another story. I added an additional snap to keep the front from fold ing back, but if that doesn't stop the lining from rolling out, I'll probably have to stitch it down from underneath the collar. I did understitch the lining under the length of the collar, but that's not doing the trick. I may have to actually stitch part of the collar to the jacket to hold it in place. We'll see what happens after the first time I wear it. Which, actually is why I did not hurry to finish this - it's just to hot to wear a jacket. It is still in the high 90's here - but I'm not complaining. Although I am ready for fall, I love the warm weather and could live in it all year long. Even though it is sometimes too hot to sleep at night (I think part of that is just that I'm having my own personal summer in addition to the one outside), I still love the feeling of the sun on me because I am usually too cold.

Last weekend I went on a women's retreat with the women from our church and roomed with a good friend. We had a great time and it was nice to meet some of the women and talk to others that I really only know by name but had never talked to. It was about a 3-1/2 hour drive to get there, but I think it took us more than 4 to get there. We went to a place called Lopez Canyon. It is near the coast. There were some really cool rock formations and examples of plate tectonics and folding there

Monday, September 07, 2009

A new project

School has kept me so busy that I haven't had time to do much of anything else! I'm behind on email, blog reading, and definitely blog writing! Not that there has been much to write about - I certainly have not been doing much sewing. I did, however, finish a top this weekend and start on another new project.

This top at the right is New Look 6807. It is supposed to be a 2 hour top, but it took me way longer. Especially since after I finished it I couldn't stand how big it was in the back, so I had to undo the tie opening in the back, cut part of that out, and make the CB seam much larger in order to keep the top from falling off. I'm pretty happy with it now, so if I make it again, I will be taking almost 2" out of the back on this one!

Even though it is still in the high 90s here with the occassional 100+, I'm kind of getting in the mood for some fall sewing. Today I decided to start on a jacket that I wanted to make LAST fall! It is Vogue 8522 and I am making the one shown in gold.

I got this really interesting fabric last year, but today as I was looking at it, I realize that it is just to flimsy to make this jacket. I decided to underline it with silk organza to give it a little more body. I want it to be lightweight, but I also want it to hold its shape.

So, basically, I had to cut this out 3 times - once in the fashion fabric, once in the silk organza, and once in the lining. All three of these fabrics are very "shifty" and difficult to lay out and cut. I might have been able to stack the fabrics and cut all three at once, but I was having a hard enough time as it was keeping the fabrics from moving and distorting out of shape.

After cutting out the pieces, I sewed the underlining to the fashion fabric. Since both layers were so fluid, I had to be really careful not to have them shift around when sewing. As you can see below, first I laid both layers on top of the pattern piece, then I sewed them together. Next, I laid the pattern piece on top of the fabric pieces again, and cut to even them up. So, basically, that is all I got done today on this jacket. A lot of pinning, cutting, and sewing layers together. I did also get the lining cut out, so I think I am ready to go. Hopefully I'll have some time to sew this week in the evenings. DH is out of town for the week, so that does give me a little more time to sew!

As you can see in this picture, I stitched down the center of the darts on the underlining. this helps the layers stay together when you are sewing the darts and really helps get a neater result.
This is laying out the layers on top of the pattern piece.

Here, the layers are already sewn together and the pattern piece is placed on top to trim the excess.

I hope it will not be another 2 weeks until my next blog post!