Friday, December 11, 2009

Athena II finished

I'm feeling proud of myself for finally making an "outfit". Yes, I made a shirt to go with a pair of pants. Why is this a "new" concept for me?? Actually, it's not, but I usually end up making things that go with other things I already have. I really want to start making more "go together" pieces so I don't have the "nothing to wear" syndrome.

Now for the Athena 2. This top has interesting lines, but those interesting lines make for some concentration and careful pinning to make sure everything goes together right. Also, since I had never made this top before, it ended up being way to big in the back. I ended up taking in both of the vertical darts in the back, plus taking in the side seams quite a bit. I didn't think I'd ever want to make it again, but after wearing it this afternoon, I'm very pleased with how comfortable it is. Also, most tops with this type of styling (front hem detail that requires being untucked) are usually too short. This one is not. I like the length, and next time, I will let it out just a smidge at the hips, but take in the upper back more.

The pattern instructions tell you how to adjust for a full bust, which is good since the pattern pieces are unusually shaped and I really wasn't sure how to go about doing a FBA. I decided to add some top-stitching detail to emphasize the design lines and then that led me to use black buttons. I like the overall look. I'm not sure if I need to reshape the side seams a little bit. There seems to be a little poofiness above the hip that is unflattering, but that may be because it was pulled up a little bit in the back in the pictures.

What makes this shirt different than any regular shirt?

  • square sleeve insertion
  • square neck/collar seam
  • vest-like front hem
  • collar is cut on the bodice and attaches behind the neck (I had a Marfy overshirt like this once)
  • Buttons on the short sleeves
  • Order of construction - flat construction (sleeves are sewn in before side seams)
  • Fusible interfacing is sewn on to facing and then turned and under-stitched
  • back hem is finished before side seams are sewn.
So, as you can see, there are definitely some design differences in this pattern. It's nice to have something that's different, but still very wearable. I may make it again since it is so comfortable and easy to wear.

close up of top-stitching

The pants are another pair of the LH Oxford pants. I need to scoop out the crotch a bit in the back on my pattern pieces to match the changes I made on this pair. This is a great RPL that I got from Gorgeous Fabrics and it has the perfect drape for these pants.

I want to make another outfit, but I think I need to make a Christmas dress. The family is going on vacation over Christmas, so I need a new dress!

I have more pictures here.


gwensews said...

Another Great White Shirt! I like that it's an "out" shirt. I would enjoy wearing that.

Summerset said...

Looks great - there are some really distinctive details in the blouse. Yes, a Christmas dress would be great!

kanishk said...

Looks great -

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