Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vogue 1250

I actually made a dress today!  I haven't been sewing in so long.  Well, I did make a long skirt a couple of weeks ago (actually out of the same fabric as this dress) but I don't have any pictures of that.

This dress was really fun to make.  Why?  Well, first of all, it was FAST - and I really wanted some instant gratification here :-)  Also,  I am in desperate need of dresses.  One of the reasons I've always liked Burda patterns is because there is usually some surprising or unusual element.  Well, that's what I really liked about this dress.  The front of the dress wraps around and forms the back of the skirt.  The upper bodice of the back is a separate piece.  So basically, there are only 2 pieces other than a small rectangle that is used to finish the back neck.  The side seams only go from the armscye to the hip and then there is a CB seam for the skirt.  I also liked the way the neckline was done and it fits pretty well.  I probably should have done an FBA, but I didn't.  I used a nice double knit that I sure wish I could remember where I bought, because I love the drape of it.  It's mostly rayon and has some lycra in it.

Its great to start a dress in the afternoon and have it finished before you go to bed!  (However, not a good idea to take pictures after eating dinner when your stomach is sticking out!!

I think I might just take this dress with me to PR weekend.  It's been pretty warm here, but I know the weather in SF has been in the 60's lately, so it will be hard to remember to bring warmer clothes.  I'm really looking forward to going, although I feel like I'm really not going to know anyone.  I have hardly been on PR at all this year because I have just been so busy with school.  It was so nice to get some sewing in today, now I really want to make some more clothes!!