Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Here

I got my copy in the mail today and I LOVE it. I think I'll end up reading this cover to cover.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another NL6977

I made this top a week or so ago, andI finally finished this little skirt today. This should have only taken me a couple of hours to cut and sew, but instead, it took me several days. First of all, I sewed the waistband to the hem instead of the top edge! Not only that, I sewed it. Removing serging is hard enough, but on a black knit, it is almost impossible. Well, I finally finished that today and sewed the skirt back together. Another problem is that the skirt is a bit short. I picked up some hem facing lace and turned up about 1/2 inch and sewed on the hem lace. So, this quick little project, was not so quick. Nevertheless, I really like the skirt and might make another. It's super comfortable because of being a knit and because of the wide waistband. Now, don't think I'm actually running around looking like this.

I'm actually running around looking more like this. I am still wearing a brace on my leg and going to physical therapy twice a week to build up more strength in my leg to support my knee. It's getting better and better though.

I have a lot of things on my list of what I want to sew right now. I do have fabric to make another knit skirt (the fuller version from the same pattern) and a pair of pants. I think I'll finish those off before I start something new.

I am really wanting to make that knit blazer that I talked about before, and picked up some light gray knit from JoAnns the other day. It is a cotton lycra rib, and has exactly the look I want. However, I would have preferred to find a rayon blend knit, but I haven't found any in the medium gray color I wanted. Today it was actually cool (in the 80s) and so it really made me want to start sewing for fall. Unfortunately, it will be back in the high 90s by mid week, so I'm sure I'll probably want to make another hot weather garment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swan Lake Like You've Never Seen It!

I'm not a huge ballet fan, but this is incredible.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Look 6977

Today I made this little top. I bought this pattern last spring and found this fabric in San Diego. I have another knit that I will make into it next, but I need to get some orange thread. :)
I think the fabric on this one looks nice and would look great with a black skirt

I actually want to make all the pieces in this pattern because they all look simple and easy to wear. I have some knit that I was going to make a skirt out of today, but I wanted to make the longer fuller skirt and the ponte knit that I have is too heavy. It would be right for the straight skirt though. Actually, the straight skirt would probably look better with the fabric in this top anyway.

There were several things I liked about this pattern.
First of all, it only takes one yard of fabric!
Next: raglan sleeves - nothing easier.
Third, the neckline band. It gives a nice touch

I used a good quality polyester knit that I purchased in San Diego this past spring. It looks like a border print, but it's really a stripe.

I used a 10 at the neck and tapered to a 14 at the hips. Next time I will narrow the upper back by taking off 1/4" at the seam that attaches to the sleeve. I have narrow shoulders and a narrow upper back. I should have thought of this the first time.

This is a great knit top with a little something extra. The neckline in this top has a couple of nice features. First of all, it has a band around the neckline. This would also look nice in a contrasting color. On the inside, there is elastic and a very small dart in the band. Be careful not to have your elastic come into the seam allowance or it will be difficult to get a neat looking dart. Also, if you are large busted, you will need to increase the length of the elastic. I added an inch in length to the bust area and should have done the same thing with the elastic. Next time, I will.

I have a cover stitch machine, but do not use it very often. Today I moved it next to my sewing machine (it used to be in another room with my serger. Now they are both in the sewing room) to force myself how to use it more. I used it to finish the hem and sleeve hems. I have always had trouble taking fabric out of the cover stitch without unraveling or puckering the seam.. I have read all about it, but it just was not working for me without releasing the lever underneath the needle plate. Then I watched this video on UTube, and it finally made sense to me. I hope I will start using this more because I really like the look it gives and it is a lot easier to do than the twin needle.I used the coverstitch to do the hem on the bottom and sleeves.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Bathing Suit

I actually made a bathing suit! Kwik Sew 3503 is the pattern I used. The fabric I got from Sewing Studio Fabrics a couple of years ago. I picked up the swimsuit lining from JoAnns. I'm really pleased how this turned out and it was so simple to make. I like how the lining has elastic under the bust to make it fit better. I will definitely make this again! Next time (I forgot to do it this time) I will add 1" across the fullest part of the bust in length to accommodate for full bust. The only adjustments I made on this was to cut a small in the upper back. Both the front and the back I cut the height of the medium and tapered to a large in width at the hips, but only cut the full length of the medium. For my measurements, it worked out perfectly.

The other day I was on the JJill website and saw this knit blazer. I love the professional look, but also the casual ease of the look. Although I love the look of high heels, skinny jeans, and short skirts, none of these looks work for my body type or my bad feet. I was really inspired looking through their site at the combinations of pieces for fall. This is a look that I can really wear, be appropriate for work, and be comfortable. I even have some fabrics that I think will be perfect.

I'm also really digging this relaxed menswear look this season and starting to plan out some things I would like to make for fall.

I started a thread on PR about the knit blazer and got some great suggestions for patterns. I ordered a Christine Johnson pattern and 2 Kwik Sew Patterns.

This second pattern is actually for wovens, but I have some great wools I would love to try this in.

this last one is the Christine Johnson pattern. It also comes with a boatneck shell

I also think I will be making a few longer cardigans this year. I have 3 favorite patterns the first one is from Pamela's patterns. It is not really a favorite yet, since all I have made from this so far is the top. I'd also like to try the cropped cardi on this one.

Nancy Erickson's FSG cardigan pattern is a favorite and I have made it before. I have some plum colored sweater knit that I'd like to use for this one. Her patterns do have great instructions and always turn out nicely.

This New Look pattern is very similar to the FSG pattern. I have made this one as well.

Right now I have a couple of things fighting their way for the top of my sewing table, including 2 UFO jackets. We'll see what comes up next!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

jazz dress

I finally got to do some sewing! I spent a lot of time this summer reorganizing and rearranging my sewing room. I'm not done, but at least it is back to being functional again. I'd really like to paint in there, but that will have to wait a couple of months.

I saw on Carolyn's blog that there is a sewalong for Butterick 5147

I have had this pattern for a long time, but never got around to making it. Although I did not join the sew-along, I decided to go for it. Last spring I bought some fabric with jazz instruments on it and even bought lining to go along with it. So, since I already had everything I needed, including the invisible zipper and thread, I had nothing to hold me back!

It took me a few hours to trace out this pattern even though it was only 2 pieces. I have trouble doing a FBA on dresses with vertical and horizontal darts and making them look smooth. I still didn't get it exactly right on this one, but I think I've got the adjustments down now so that the next time it will look even better. I also did a high round back adjustment, a swayback adjustment, and had to go up from a 10 to a 16 from shoulder to hip. Making the right combination of alterations in the right order can make a big difference in fit.

This dress has a slit in the back and the instructions for the lining give it a nice finish. I like the fact that it is completely lined and I am happy with the way the invisible zipper turned out. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the dress. I will make it again, but I will go about an inch shorter next time.

Next up = I'm working on this bathing suit. I am going to make the strapless maillot version.
It's Kwiksew 3503