Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another NL6977

I made this top a week or so ago, andI finally finished this little skirt today. This should have only taken me a couple of hours to cut and sew, but instead, it took me several days. First of all, I sewed the waistband to the hem instead of the top edge! Not only that, I sewed it. Removing serging is hard enough, but on a black knit, it is almost impossible. Well, I finally finished that today and sewed the skirt back together. Another problem is that the skirt is a bit short. I picked up some hem facing lace and turned up about 1/2 inch and sewed on the hem lace. So, this quick little project, was not so quick. Nevertheless, I really like the skirt and might make another. It's super comfortable because of being a knit and because of the wide waistband. Now, don't think I'm actually running around looking like this.

I'm actually running around looking more like this. I am still wearing a brace on my leg and going to physical therapy twice a week to build up more strength in my leg to support my knee. It's getting better and better though.

I have a lot of things on my list of what I want to sew right now. I do have fabric to make another knit skirt (the fuller version from the same pattern) and a pair of pants. I think I'll finish those off before I start something new.

I am really wanting to make that knit blazer that I talked about before, and picked up some light gray knit from JoAnns the other day. It is a cotton lycra rib, and has exactly the look I want. However, I would have preferred to find a rayon blend knit, but I haven't found any in the medium gray color I wanted. Today it was actually cool (in the 80s) and so it really made me want to start sewing for fall. Unfortunately, it will be back in the high 90s by mid week, so I'm sure I'll probably want to make another hot weather garment.


Gail said...

The outfit looks nice, but I prefer it without the leg brace accessory. Seriously that looks ouch! Hope you recover quickly.

Shannon said...

Great outfit - I love the print of the top fabric!

Don't ya hate serging mistakes? Just yesterday, I serged the leg of a pair of pants together backwards. The seam ripper got a workout!

gwensews said...

Your top is gorgeous! Oh, sorry about your leg. Hope all goes well for you.

Summerset said...

Good for you - getting in there and fixing what must have been a dreadful thing to rip out. It is such a cute outfit, very worth finishing up the skirt.

Glad to hear you're making progress with the knee! Keep it up!

Sue said...

Cute outfit - it was worth persevering with!