Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Bathing Suit

I actually made a bathing suit! Kwik Sew 3503 is the pattern I used. The fabric I got from Sewing Studio Fabrics a couple of years ago. I picked up the swimsuit lining from JoAnns. I'm really pleased how this turned out and it was so simple to make. I like how the lining has elastic under the bust to make it fit better. I will definitely make this again! Next time (I forgot to do it this time) I will add 1" across the fullest part of the bust in length to accommodate for full bust. The only adjustments I made on this was to cut a small in the upper back. Both the front and the back I cut the height of the medium and tapered to a large in width at the hips, but only cut the full length of the medium. For my measurements, it worked out perfectly.

The other day I was on the JJill website and saw this knit blazer. I love the professional look, but also the casual ease of the look. Although I love the look of high heels, skinny jeans, and short skirts, none of these looks work for my body type or my bad feet. I was really inspired looking through their site at the combinations of pieces for fall. This is a look that I can really wear, be appropriate for work, and be comfortable. I even have some fabrics that I think will be perfect.

I'm also really digging this relaxed menswear look this season and starting to plan out some things I would like to make for fall.

I started a thread on PR about the knit blazer and got some great suggestions for patterns. I ordered a Christine Johnson pattern and 2 Kwik Sew Patterns.

This second pattern is actually for wovens, but I have some great wools I would love to try this in.

this last one is the Christine Johnson pattern. It also comes with a boatneck shell

I also think I will be making a few longer cardigans this year. I have 3 favorite patterns the first one is from Pamela's patterns. It is not really a favorite yet, since all I have made from this so far is the top. I'd also like to try the cropped cardi on this one.

Nancy Erickson's FSG cardigan pattern is a favorite and I have made it before. I have some plum colored sweater knit that I'd like to use for this one. Her patterns do have great instructions and always turn out nicely.

This New Look pattern is very similar to the FSG pattern. I have made this one as well.

Right now I have a couple of things fighting their way for the top of my sewing table, including 2 UFO jackets. We'll see what comes up next!


Nancy K said...

The bathing suit looks great! You look good in it too.

Sue said...

The swimmers look fantastic - love the fabric and the style. You have a lovely trim figure to wear them as well.

Anonymous said...

Great bathing suit!
How do you like this pattern: ?

Nancy Winningham said...

I love this pattern and I will make it again. First of all, it is quick and easy. Next, each style has the option of regular or high cut legs. The directions are great and make perfect sense. It is a great pattern.

Summerset said...

You made some really cute things recently - the dress looks great and the swimsuit is bright and fun! Swimsuits really are easy to make, and people don't realize it. I've made a few and like with other things, have been upset at the amount of money I've spent on a little 4-way stretch and elastic.

Sheila said...

Great looking bathing suit and looks good on you.

Adrienne said...

Your swimsuit looks wonderful on you! Great job!

Nancy Winningham said...

This is a great swimsuit pattern. I love it. I also have another KS swimsuit pattern (a basic tank) that I hope to try as well.