Sunday, October 03, 2010

no-sewing weekend

I really wanted to get some sewing done this weekend, but I was really just feeling under the weather and actually accomplished just about nothing all weekend. I did take the above picture with my phone Friday evening in my driveway. The sky was beautiful.

I did get as far as cutting a swatch of wool that I bought last year and washing it to check for how much shrinkage. The 4" swatch shrank 1/4 inch, so that would be about 2-1/4" per yard if washed. I don't think I will wash these pants, but They will probably shrink at least 1/2 that amount from steaming. I would like to make these Marcy Tilton pants. I made the shorter version once about 2 years ago and I've worn them so much that they are pilling and looking pretty sad. The other ones are a linen blend, but since I have this wool in my closet, these will be wool!