Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marcy Tiltion Pants

About 2 years ago I made these pants and have worn them to death.

I decided to make another pair, but this time the longer version. I also made these out of wool. The last pair were super big in the back, so this time, I took out about 2" from the back side. There is still plenty of room. I like the first pair a little better and that could be due to one of three reasons

  1. the first pair was the short version and therefore have a different shape. Showing the ankle is more flattering with this style pant
  2. the first pair were fuller in the back, which changed the drape of the pants. Also the first pair was a poly rayon blend, but these are wool and actually have better drape than the first pair.
  3. I'm much fatter now!

Well, all of that being said, I really do love my new pants. They are unique and were very fun to sew since they have unusual seaming and details. Not a fast pair of pants because of all of the top stitching, but I was able to put them together in 2 evenings.

Here you can see the pocket detail. The side front pants leg is made in two parts. The front/bottom part folds under to create the pocket facing. The upper/under part makes the back of the pocket.

Another little detail is the darts at the knee. Just keeps it interesting I think.


Mary said...

Nancy, I love both versions of this pants pattern on you. They're great!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those are cute pants!

Elaray said...

I really like Marcy Tilton designs, but they just aren't "me", if you know what I mean. I'm happy to see other people wearing them, though! I prefer the shorter version, too.

gwensews said...

I can see why you would love those pants! And really, you are not much fatter than the previous picture!

Ann said...

I have worn my cropped denim pants to death also. Like you I recently decided to make another pair, this time long. Mine are black linen. I agree they don't look as good in the full length but I love that pocket for travel on airplanes and I needed full length pants this time. This may be my most used pattern as I have made the skirt as well as other versions of the pants.

Anonymous said...

Love the top stitching detailing on your pants.

Barb said...

The pants look great and comfortable I think I may give them a try