Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just in from Tennessee

Just had a great week long visit with my brother and his family in Tennessee. I really wanted/needed to relax, and that is exactly what I did! We did take a little drive over to Lynchburg and toured the Jack Daniel's distillery. I'm not a whiskey drinker, but it was very interesting.

I also visited the local fabric store, Sirs Fabrics. I have heard that people come from other states to visit this store, but if they are, they are going for the home dec. They did have a great selection of home dec fabrics and trims. Rooms and rooms. Fashion fabric? Not so much. What they did have was folded on tables and labeled things like "lining", "wool blends", "dress fabrics" etc. This kind of thing drives me crazy because I want to know what I'm buying. The prices were really cheap, but I didn't see anything I was even interested in. Of course, this may have to do with the fact that my fabric closet is stuffed full and I'm not seeming to find much time for sewing. Usually a week off is filled with sewing, but since I was gone, this did not happen. I did crochet a scarf and pair of "wristers" that I will post later. I had planned on coming home from work tonight and doing some sewing, but ended up making something to eat, cleaning the kitchen and changing the sheets instead. Maybe tomorrow...


Mary Beth said...

Gee, you were within shouting distance from me (Cookeville, TN) I've never even been to Sirs because I do very little home dec. Glad you enjoyed Tennessee! Maybe we'll meet up someday :)

Lisa Laree said...

Yup. I'm 45 minutes from Sir's, too, and I've been several times. It's a costumer's delight; who cares what the fabric is so long as it works for the show? But, having said that, I *have* found some wonderful, marvelous stuff for my own wardrobe there from time to time, too. Their inventory changes quite a bit over time; sometimes it's worth the trip for the fabric, sometimes it's just a nice drive with a little fabric perusal thrown in.

But I'd've met you there for lunch if I'd known you were coming! ;)