Friday, May 03, 2013

Me Made May day 3

Today was wear purple Friday.  Our school is going all out for Relay For Life (fundraising for the American Cancer Society) so everyone wears purple on Friday.  I have now realized that I don't have any purple tops.  Purple dresses - yes.  Purple sweaters - yes.  Purple shawl - yes.  Skirts with purple - yes.  But no purple tops.  Well, I have one.  But it had long sleeves and it was in the 90s today.  So, a little help from my Ginghers  and now I have a short sleeved purple top!  OK, so the top isn't completely made by me, but I did refashion it!  And... the skirt is.  I bought this fabric on one of my trips to Uganda.  It was absolutely gorgeous in the flat fold.  They treat all of the fabrics with something that makes them sort of shiny and hard as a board.  After I washed it, it was more like card stock that had gotten wet and dried again.  Ironing helps, but it just doesn't have any drape at all and is pretty stiff.  Wrong style for this fabric.  Probably the wrong style for me too.

  It doesn't look that bad in the above photo - but I'm afraid that THIS is what I really look like in it.  So, this one is probably going to go in the give away pile.  I've always liked the idea of a dirndle skirt - and I always think they look great on others, but this just makes me look short and fat.  Oh well.  I'll be wearing a different skirt tomorrow.  Keep an eye out for MMM13 day four!


Mrs K said...

Your skirt really looks cute, but I understand about the fabric. Too bad it doesn't cooperate ;-). Have a good weekend.

Mary said...

Dirndls are so hard to wear! I love them, but only paired with a wide belt. Would that be something you might try?

sdBev said...

That fabric is so pretty. Could you take some of the ease out or reshape to a fitted waist?