Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Me Made May Days 17-21

Yikes!!!  I've been so busy, I haven't been posting.  But I have been keeping up with MMM.  Day 17 was a Friday and it was Water Day at our school.  It was also Hawaiian Day.  I did not get my picture taken, but I wore a Hawaiian shirt that I made years ago, and I love.  I actually bought the fabric in Maui and it is cotton, but looks and feels like linen.  I love this shirt, so after I wash it, I will take a picture and post it.

Day 18 was Saturday.  It's been crazy here because Andy and I decided to put an offer on the house that I posted early.  This means that every minute of our spare time is taken up with either getting things ready to sell this house, or other appointments related to the move.  I also have a lot of other appts, (meetings, doctors, etc) scheduled for the next two weeks.  Also, it is the last few weeks of school and there is lots of data to be entered and things to be done to finish up the year.  I feel a bit overwhelmed right now.  I had a migraine Friday night through Monday morning, so I didn't get much done.  Saturday was a work around the house day, so I wore this old (but another favorite) shirt that I made probably in 2006.  It is from the book Built By Wendy and the fabric is a wonderful Japanese cotton lawn that I got from Fabricmart.  I wish I would have bought more of that fabric because it is so nice.

Sunday we spend most of our day at church or on church related things.  This is theTextile Studios Madison Avenue Dress.  I've made it a few times.  It is super fast and easy to make from a knit.  The fabric was purchased back when Textile Studios used to sell fabric.  (Yeah, I've also had this one for a long time!!)

Yesterday was Day 20 of the MMM challenge.  I wore black ponte knit pants from Vogue 1197.  The shirt is the boatneck shell from CJ Patterns

Today was supposed to be our last day of 90+ degree weather for awhile.  My skirt is made from Loes Hinse's Swing Skirt pattern in a textured rayon.  I originally put the ruffle on it, but ended up taking it off and making the skirt shorter.  The top is an embroidered cotton lawn and Simplicity 1806
Most of the time, I find that the pictures on Loes Hinse patterns make the clothes look really dowdy.  When you see them in person, however, they are usually very classic and current looking.  Her little shop in Carmel is fairly upscale (pants around $100+ per pair and Ts for $60 or more) and everything always looks very nice.  You can buy the same fabrics that she uses from Casual Elegance.


Mary said...

The madison Ave. dress is wonderful on you!!