Saturday, May 04, 2013

Me Made May 13 Day 4 and Brewfest

Today was the Brewfest in the town that I work in.  It is a big event and fundraiser for the local Lions Club.  We haven't gone in a few years, and although we had fun, I'm not sure that we will go again next year.  It was pretty hot too, but nice in the shade.  What did I wear?  Well I made this skirt S2609 last summer and it's a great throw-on for warm weather.  Elastic waist and nice and cool.  I just finished the top this morning and it is NL6569.  There were some problems with this top.  I made this a few years ago and had already cut out the pattern.  It seemed too big to me because I think I had cut a 14.  Normally I cut a 10 in the shoulders and do a FBA.  On the pattern tissue it was printed that a size 10 had a 37-1/2" finished bust measurement, so although I did an alteration for length, I did not think I needed to add to the circumference.  WRONG!  This top was VERY snug across the bust.  I thought about just scrapping it, but decided to put in a little gusset on both sides under the arm hoping to correct the problem.  Well, there is a little more ease now, but it is still snug and has lots of drag lines.  Also, the neckline is too wide and seems to need a dart.  I also need to take it up in the shoulders.  I really do like the shape of this top and the front, so I may go ahead and make these changes on the tissue and try it again.