Sunday, May 12, 2013

Me Made May Day 8


:  Silhouette Patterns Sally pant in a wool blend.  Blouse:  Loes Hinse cap sleeve top in a poly charmeuse.

Today was a crazy day.  The kids must be ready to explode because of all the testing.  I couldn't get my class to be quiet today and they are usually pretty good.  Then, at bus duty I broke up a fist fight between a third and fourth grader, and then caught another boy climbing over the fence, stealing a ball, and then hiding it in his friends back pack.  Fortunately, the two boys came over when I called them.  If they had run away, I would not have known who they were.  Good thing they don't know how bad my vision is LOL!!


Beverly said...

That's a pretty top. I like the way you're wearing your hair now - very pretty.