Saturday, May 25, 2013

Me Made May Days 22-25

Oops!  I haven't been posting!  Well, let's see if I can catch up.  :-)
Today has been a great day so far.  I had a brunch and some ladies over for a JewelKade party this morning.  Having a "party" right now is the last thing I need to be doing, but a good friend of mine just started selling JK (Which I love) so I did it to help her out.  I love having friends over, but everyone is so busy all the time it's hard to get people to come.  I invited over 50 people, and 7 came.  It was a great group and we had a nice time.  Here was the menu:

Cinnamon Flax Seed Scones

Spinach and Ortega Chili Quiche

Fruit Salad (apples, mango, peaches, nectarines, strawberries & blueberries with a touch of Greek yogurt.) Crud.  I just realized that I forgot to put in the grapes LOL!!

And this:

This morning I wore this top, which I adore.  It is New Look 6891 with pants.  It's wrinkled now because I have been wearing it all day.

Yesterday was "break the rules" day at school.  I wore my ever-famous black knit pants, and this black embroidered tunic Butterick 4684.  In looking at this picture, I realize that my legs are too short to be wearing this length top.

Thusday I did not get a picture, but it was "twin day" at school.  The other three fourth grade teachers and I wore jeans, black shoes, black shirts and the ladies in the group wore our hair in pony tails.  I wore a black sleeveless rayon knit turtleneck top from the Christine Johnson Basewear 2 pattern.  I love this top pattern and need to make more.  It fits well and is super comfortable.  I have made it several times with different necklines.  I will need to try it with the sleeves.

Wednesday was Western Wear day, and I have nothing "Western."  I used to have a couple of western cut shirts, but I just don't wear anything like that very often.  My western wear consisted of putting a bandana around my neck and wearing my rodeo hat.  (Andy and I like to go to the rodeo, so we wear our western hats when we do.)  The top is Textile Studios Marseilles top.


Kimberly said...

I love the New Look top. I'm wondering if it still looks cute in one of the sizes on the other end of the spectrum. I may look for that pattern.

Also, the green chili quiche intrigues me. I'm going to save the recipe and see if I can make small versions for my girls to take to school for lunch.

debbie said...

I agree that the green chili quiche sounds good.

In regards to the top you think is too long or legs too short. Try changing the sleeve length instead. They end at exactly the same spot as the tunic. I think if the were shorter and possibly a bit narrower the tunic wouldn't look too long.

Nancy Winningham said...

Thanks Debbie. I think you're right. It is the sleeves. I wore another top this evening with the same length and it looked good. The difference? It had short sleeves!

BTW, everyone loved the quiche. (They loved the scones too!)