Monday, May 06, 2013

Me Made May day 6 - and some new patterns

Me Made May Day 6
Today it is cooling down a little bit, so I got to wear a sweater.  It is day 6 in the Me Made May Challenge.  I'm wearing the Colette Clover pants and the shirt is from the Built By Wendy book.  I really do like this shirt.  It was made back in 2007, which seems to have been a good year for sewing since I have so many things still from that year.  I remember that I bought this Japanese cotton lawn from Fabric-mart fabrics.  I should have bought it in every print and color because it is super fabulous.  It has held up well over years of washing and abuse.  I have worn this shirt many many times and the fabric shows little signs of wear.  The interfacing, on the other hand, has shrunk some, so the collar is a little wrinkly.  Also, I think my sewing skills are better now, so I'm a little more picky about how things look.  I should probably pull that pattern out and make it again.
The pants are from Colette and they are the Clovers.  I actually just bought some fabric at PR weekend to make another pair, and I found a great red stretch cotton sateeen with sort of an animal "print" jacquard on it at JoAnn's today that I just couldn't resist.

I got a great package in the mail today with patterns that I had ordered through the Club BMV sale.  Here they are:
I like the asymetrical look of this top.  Stripes are really big this year, yet striped fabric isn't that easy to find - well, at least striped fabric that I like isn't that easy to find :-).  I'm always way more about what the fabric feels like rather than what it looks like.

                                                                            V1234 - This is a Sandra Betzina pattern.  I didn't try this on at her workshop, but I did like it.  I would love to find a bold knit to make this out of.

V 1292 - this is another Sandra Betzina pattern.  I never liked this in the pattern book, but I saw this worn at the PR weekend, and it looked fantastic.  Now, I am having a hard time finding the right striped knit to make it in.  I did see something at Gorgeous fabrics that I think would be good.  The skirt is lined, so I would need to find the right knit lining too.

This is V8817.  It is a Katherine Tilton pattern.  It has a lot of different views, but I really like this one. I found a great black and white rayon that I'd like to use for this one.

This is McCalls 6752.  I love all the views of this pattern.  There are 2 tops and two dresses, all very different looking.  I hope to get on this one soon.

As you can see, I'm off and running with knits this season.  First of all, I love knits because they are easy to sew and work up quickly.  They are also very comfortable to wear, great for travel, and easy to launder.  I also have a stash of knits that I need to start working on.

I also can tell that I've been trying new shapes that I never considered before.  I'm sure that some will work (like the last purple dress that I made) and some may not.  Either way, I haven't lost.  A dress that doesn't work is still better than fabric that's been sitting in my cabinet for years.  Where's the fun in that?  I'm also starting to refashion some things a little bit more.  I've never really liked altering or ripping things out, but it is pretty nice to be able to just fix a thing or two and have something wearable from it.

There are two other patterns that I still want to get.   I'm not sure why I did not pick up the that purple dress pattern the first time

, but the second one, they did not have available in my size.  Vogue patterns are going on sale this coming weekend at my local JoAnn's, so I will try there.


Linda T said...

Cute outfit! Thanks for sharing the Vogues. I had never noticed a couple of them that I think are really cute.

Angela said...

You are so right -- "a dress that doesn't work is still better than fabric that's been sitting in my cabinet for years"! I am finding out that I'm more adventurous in my sewing choices than I am if I'm just buying clothes. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not, but either way I am learning and having fun:)

Mary said...

I love your outfit above. I think I have that same sweater in brown. New Vogues at your house too? :-)