Monday, May 13, 2013

Me Made May Day 13

Monday.  Only a few weeks left of school.  Usually I am counting the days til the end, but not this year.  It's been a long, tough year, but I really appreciate the class I have.  Today, one of my girls brought me flowers.  She is probably one of the lowest income families in my class, but she is the sweetest, hardest working, and helpful students I have ever had.  I think her dad sells fruit and flowers from a cart.  I'm sure these were left over from Mother's day, but I am so thankful that she brought them to me and they look lovely in my room.  Today was a good day.

And, I managed to wear another "me-made" today.  These pants are from the book Simple Modern Sewing.  I made them last summer. I used a mid-weight linen in the color "Aluminum" from Fabrics-Store.   They are very comfortable, and surprisingly flattering for such baggy pants.
The blouse is an old favorite from Banana Republic.  I think I've worn this thing to death. I need to copy it and make some more of these!!


Vicki said...

How nice to get the flowers! And nice to hear you had a good class for the year.