Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why am I Afraid of this Pattern? FSG1945

I have had this pattern for quite some time, and for some reason keep putting off making it. It is the 1945 jacket from Fashion Sewing Group.
I made the FSG coat, and it was really easy. So why do I keep postponing this one? I have already bought fabric 4 times to make this, and yet, it is still unmade. I have a black wool flannel and 3 expensive (anything over $20 /yard is expensive in my book) pieces from Nancy Erickson.

this is the first fabric I purchased to make this jacket. It is called "Latte Tweed"

This is the "multi tweed" and it is very pretty, but kind of has an orange cast. I'm not sure how much I like it or how well it will fit with other clothes I have. I still think it"s a great fabric for fall.I just signed up for the stitch and flip class from Shannon Gifford and want to make this jacket. The jacket must be already fit before we start the class. I'm hoping to make the shell out of the multi colored tweed to get the fit right

and then make the jacket in the olive and black tweed for the class. This fabric also came from N.E. It is a beautiful 100% wool and I have black ambiance for the lining. This one also fits into my SWAP, but then I will need to change a couple of things. The original Jacket for my swap was also my qualifying purchase from Timmel Fabrics. So I may have to re think that whole thing.

Anyway, I'm anxious for the class.


Sigrid said...

Love your fabrics and pattern.
We'll be again in the same class. I've registered for that class too early this week and just cut my muslin for the jacket I want to make.

Chicago Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the updates- I personally love the first tweed the best, if you want to sell it to me so you can justify it, I'm in! :) I'm guessing we're close to the same height- so it should be enough for me to use. I wish I could take that class with you!

Anonymous said...

You will love 1945 once you make it! I tend to make 1945C because I'm always short of time with 2 kids, but even the lapels aren't bad on 1945 because of Nancy's methods. Have fun!
Linda S.

Elaray said...

I've read about that patter a lot on Stitcher's Guild. Personally, I like the "multi tweed" (I know, you didn't ask for my opinion!) You did a wonderful job on the BWOF jacket. You'll do an equally wonderful job on this jacket.

kasizzle said...

I love, love, love the olive tweed!

Nancy Winningham said...

Well, the votes are in - all three tweeds are winners! Ha! I'm going to lay out the multi- tweed tonight!

Linda said...

You will love the Stitch and Flip Class. I took it about two years ago. I have used the method on a few jackets. I even gave a demonstration at my ASG meeting about a year ago. Can't wait to see your jacket made up.