Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stitch and Flip progress - List

1. 3 muslins down and fit finally achieved
2. Cut out pattern - all nine pieces
3. Cut out lining pieces - same as jacket except for collar and facing.
4. All pattern pieces marked - which was stupid since the underlining and interfacing covered up almost all of my pieces.
5. Interfacing and underlining cut -
under collar
side, back, and sleeve hems
sleeve cap
special shoulder piece for front
armscye fused with fusible stay tape
6. All pieces fused except front (I did have to go to work this morning!)

What's next??
1. finish block fusing front pieces and shoulder stay
2. mark pocket placement (these pockets cross a vertical seam, so I will probably sew them on by hand. Otherwise, I will need to sew them through the lining, and I really don't want that stitching to show on the inside.

Tomorrow is the first "chat" and I think tomorrow morning we will be getting the lesson that gets us started with the actual sewing of the jacket. I wish I could stay home and sew (especially when I'm coming down with a cold)but I guess I'll have to wait until evening.

I'll post pictures of my progress next time.


kasizzle said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. Can't wait to see how your jacket turns out!