Monday, December 10, 2007

How To Wear a Hat

1. Get a great looking hat
2. Put it on your head.
3. Look in the mirror and say "I look great!"
4. Go out and get compliments all day long.

I love hats. I've found that the best hats for me are the "bucket" style, or anything with some kind of brim. This balances out my narrow face and wide hips.

A week or two ago I saw this cool video on how to make a hat.

I loved it and thought it looked like fun.

I wore this hat out to lunch today and got many compliments. I'm going to post directions because I found I needed more information than what was in the video.

Many thanks humble bumble bee! You've given me another great hat inspiration.

You can see more pictures here


Chicago Sarah said...

You've got flair- it looks great!

Elaray said...

How cute! I've discovered that some people can wear hats (like you) and some people just can't (like me).

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful hat!!
I never go out without a hat in autumn and winter. Even to go to the PO across the street.

You look great with your hat. :)

Maureen said...

Great hat, and you definitely can pull it off Nancy, I loved the one you wore to lunch last week, very chic !!!

kasizzle said...

I love hats! It looks great on you!

Tany said...

It's gorgeous! I love hats too!

C. Dishmont said...

I love the hat! I need to try one. Is that a regular wool felt? Or did you use something special?

Nancy Winningham said...

I think it's a blend, but mostly wool. I just got whatever they had at JoAnns. I also got some "army green" to make another one and I think that one is 100% wool.