Monday, December 31, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

PLEASE come again some other day. OK. I know it rains in Hawaii - but it hasn't stopped raining since we got here! It's been windy and rainy, and NO sun! BUT, still, it's been warm and we can see and hear the ocean right from our balcony. Last night we slept with the sliding glass door open all night and listened to the surf.

The night before last we went to a luau and it was fun, but WET. They ended up passing out rain ponchos to everyone because it was really raining. At least in Hawaii when it rains, it's no colder than when it doesn't. So, you''re wet, but not miserable.

Click on any of these photots to get a bigger picture.

And I'm just wondering - how in the world do you do a FBA on a coconut?

Gotta love these men in grass skirts!

Today was whale watching and it was awesome. I didn't get many good shots, but we saw a lot of whales and there was a female with two male suitors. She obviously wasn't interested in them because she decided to hang out next to the boat instead. The captain said this is what they do when they are not interested in the males, because they won't come up to the boat. It was awesome because she came up less than 20 feet from our boat! We were on a Zodiac, so we were right down on the water. It was very cool. You can see more pictures in my photo album.


Sigrid said...

Pity about the weather, but you see a lot of special things. Enjoy your stay all the same.

Happy new year!

Elaray said...

A December rainy day in Hawaii is better than a December sunny day in Pennsylvania! Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

Maureen said...

My goodness, I can't believe you have these pics up already. What fun you guys look like you are having....Luckeeeeee!

Hope it clears up for you guys Nancy, say hi to Andy and the kids for us.

Linda said...

Happy New Year! I am loving your photos of HI. We are going in soon ourselves, so it is fun to visit your photos and get all excited about going. I am so glad you found some place to buy fabric too! Enjoy!