Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finally sunshine!

Today was a beautiful day! The first day of sunshine we’ve had. The boys and I got up early and drove to Maalea Harbor to take a snorkel/snuba trip. We were supposed to go to Molikini, but it was too rainy and windy over there so we went to Coral Gardens instead. Suprisingly, the water was cold. It seems like the water is always warm here, but it was cold today. Good thing they had wet suits for all of us. Snuba is so cool. It is like scuba, but your tank floats on a raft up above you. You are kind of tethered to the raft, but it follows you along. The instructor was great and only took 6 of us at a time, so he was always right with us, showing us things, and checking for any problems. I used an underwater camera, so will have to post pix after I get home. We were really hoping to see some turtles today, but it was too rainy over at Turtle Town. In fact, it was super windy and choppy on our way back, and most of the people on the boat got soaked. (I stayed in the cabin part so I could be relatively dry! We did see a couple of whales off in the distance, but we got spoiled yesterday with our friendly giant who came up to our boat.
If you want to go whale watching in Hawaii, take a zodiac. It is absolutely the best way to go. First of all, you are right down on the water and you cant get much closer than that. Second of all, that was the smoothest ride I have had on the ocean. Even though the water was super choppy, the ride was really smooth.

If you get an opportunity to try snuba, do it. It is so worth the extra 50 bucks. They give you really good instruction and it is like flying under water. I didn’t think I would be interested, but did it because my son wanted to - I’ m SO glad I did. We took the Aqua Adventures trip out of Maalea - great crew.

After we got back, it was still sunny, so I did go down to the pool for a couple of hours and read a book. Andy stayed up in the room and watched football games. It is almost sunset, so I’m hoping to catch a couple of pictures since this is the first one we’ve seen this trip. I hope the weather stays nice tomorrow since it is our last full day.

Here are some pictures of our suite

We are flying back into Oakland on Thursday and spending the night. I’m hoping to check out a couple of fabric stores while I’m in the bay area. Good thing Andy is such a patient man!


Adrienne said...

Oh I am so green with envy right now! LOL, enjoy your trip! Your pics are beautiful!

cidell said...

I'm trying very hard not to hate you here. 25 degrees with the wind chill is what I've got. I'm just going to stare at your photos until I warm up.

Maureen said...

Beautiful photos Nancy, they look like postcards!!!!

Chicago Sarah said...

That's awesome, Nancy. It warmed up to double digits here by 11a so I'm not completely envious. :) Enjoy your last day!