Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fighting Sharks and other battles

Well, I thought I had a rant about irons on my blog last year, but I couldn't find it. Long story short - after 2 Shark EuroPro irons that spit all over my fabric after just a few weeks, I finally ended up with a Rowenta DuoPower iron. This iron worked well for me and I loved it! (Notice the past tense) A couple of weeks ago I came home from work and my ironing board was soaking wet. I thought the cat had knocked over the iron and my DD had picked it up again. A few days later,same thing. I asked DD if she knew why the ironing board was wet and she said she thought the iron was leaking. WEll, a couple of days ago, I pick up the iron and water starts POURING out of the bottom.
I bought this iron some time last summer. I do not still have the receipt. Target will not take it back. Yesterday I went to Bed Bath, and Beyond and bought a Shark professional. I am saving the receipt.


kasizzle said...

I just noticed my Rowenta has been leaking, also. I was looking for replacement parts, but I've had no luck.
Hope the new iron works well! I may have to do the same thing.

cidell said...

Well everything about that sucks :( I just gave my mom my Rowenta because it was leaking. I may start peer pressuring you to a Consew gravity feed. Just $99! I'm just going to keep talking about it in LA until you order one with me peering over your shoulder.

Marji said...

I've given up on Rowenta, they are notorious for leaking. Don't know why they can't get it right.
Cidell is right, if you have a dedicated sewing space, the gravity feed iron is the way to go. I spent $200 +/- back in 1989 for a Sussman iron, and I didn't have to replace it until this past year. I ended up with another gravity feed iron, (I got the Naomoto) and Just LOVE it.