Monday, January 14, 2008

Muslin3 and I've had it!

ETA: I had some problems uploading some of the pictures, so the link to the album is Picass Album on this dress

OK, THis time I cut a 12 on the top, 16 on the bottom. I used the FBA according to FFRP. Raised the waist 1" below the bust.

As you can see, the armhole looks almost the same. The original is on the bottom, the last tissue is in the middle, and the new tissue is on top. Funny thing is that the dart landed pretty much in the right place. Well, the armhole fits in this - I wish I could say that for the rest of the dress.

This is what I see:
I'm back to the sack
The bottom seems to fit fine in the front

there is too much fabric in the upper back and middle back.

The dart seems to be in the right place, but the front has too much fabric in the center front. I folded out 1" in the front and almost 1.5" in the back. There is still excess fabric up around the shoulders in the back.

Using this method for the FBA gave me a better adjustment, but now there is too much fabric in the front. Maybe I should have started with a smaller size? Or do I need a narrow shoulder adjustment or other adjustment?

I don't love this dress enough to keep working on it right now. I'm going to put it aside for awhile (or forever?)

I want to work on my swap
I need to finish my jacket for stitch and flip.
I have a couple of coats waiting to be cut out.
I'm giving this a rest.


Sigrid said...

I only see one picture, and I can't tell you what to do to make the dress fit better. But like you decided, sometimes it's just better to leave it (for a while) and go on with something else.

LauraLo said...

I only see one picture too :(
Be brave, Nancy, I'm sure you will sort it out and have a wonderful dress at the end of this adventure!

Vicki said...

I see all your pictures and feel your pain :(

Ok, a smaller size on top (and then you will need to drop the darts), more room down the sides, bigger FBA and then if needed a sway back adjustment. But perhaps just let it go for now.

Mmmm, maybe need to go back and look at earlier posts....

Vicki said...

ok, back to the ealier post on size 10 on top - much better. You need to drop the darts however.

See how in that post the skirt is pulling to the back (check the side seam) and cupping under the bottom - not enough fabric there for your lady curves.

So go back to the 10 on top version, give yourself more fabric in the back skirt so that it does not pull over your hips and bottom - maybe try undoing the back seam below the waist and see if it hangs better and see how much extra fabric you need.

If the skirt swings to the front then you may need the sway back.

PS, I am NOT a fit expert, but that "looks" like the problem to me.

Anonymous said...

maybe you do need some time off just so you can think about it without the stress.. it can be a good thing
while doing something else it will just come to you!
it has happen to me before

Marji said...

Nancy, I can't see a one of the pictures.

It does sound as if some time off this project is in order, but, I'd really like to see you through this eventually.

Nancy Winningham said...

ETA: I had some problems uploading some of the pictures, so the link to the album is Picass Album on this dress

Summerset said...

Oh, I know how you feel! Let it rest for a moment and work on the SWAP. Maybe in time things will work out, and if not you'll have a nice SWAP to wear instead.

kasizzle said...

I was just thinking while I was reading the whole post,I'm not sure I could have stuck this one out as long as you have! But patience is not one of my virtues!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Nancy - I am sorry that this dress has you all hot and bothered! I think it is probably a good idea to put it aside and work on something else...when you have a few days and nothing else pressing come back to it. It is a wonderful dress/jumper when you finally get the fitting issues resolved. I wore my black version the other day and got a lot of nice comments on it is worth the challenge and lives up to the hype!

Elaray said...

I'm sorry this dress has given you so many problems. Putting it aside is a good ides. Come back to it in about 6 months and I'm sure you will be more successful.