Saturday, January 26, 2008

PayPal problem continues

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile will remember that last October I had a problem with PayPal. Well, to make a long story short, they still have over $1,000 of my money and now they want me to send the over $600.00 more! Here's the long and short of it.
My son was selling unlocked iphones on ebay when they first came out. (not a great idea, but it was legal at that time)
He sold a phone to a customer and then paypal locked his account saying that his social security card was not valid.
In the meantime he had sold a couple more phones on ebay and needed to have somewhere to make the deposits. I let him use my account (apparently this is against their rules, but I didn't realize it.)
One of the buyers decided not to complete the purchase, so we asked PayPal to refund the payment. Even though the original payment was made to my accoung, they took the money out of my sons account (which had no money in it) and left him with a negative balance. Now they are sending him to collections. They have over $1000 in my account, but will not transfer the money over to pay my son's account - even though it was their fault for taking it out of the wrong account. They will not move the money because they have not been holding it for at least 6 months. Does that make sense???? They HAVE the money in their system. Why can't they move it over??????
I'm calling my attorney on Monday


Elaray said...

What I mess! I'm sure your attorney can do something.

LauraLo said...

This is crazy! Yes, get some legal advice and take some action against them, it is unacceptable!

Maureen said...

Stick it to the MAN Nancy....that is just NOT right.

We're praying for you kiddo!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pain! Hope your problem was solved cause I am now in one with PayPal, too. I sold a few things on eBay and made a withdrawal to my VISA card (only method to use in non-US based). To make the long story short, the withdrawal was made in the system and the money was never deposited to my card. The bank says there was never a transaction in favor of my card and PayPal insists they did. Now I am 500 Euros (about $750) short!