Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This and That

This is one daring kitty. Not only does he curl up in the sink, he curls up in a blind man's sink (who actually did turn on the water shortly after this picture was taken!)
This cat is my sewing companion. He especially likes to be involved whenever I am laying out fabric or cutting. His other favorite passtime (when he's not harassing the other two cats) is to play fetch - with a hair rubberband - at 2:00 am! But, we love our kitty. The little weirdo.

I wore my gray skirt to school today, but this morning I let out the side seams a bit. I only had about 1/8-3/16" that I could take out on each side, but multiplied by 4, it was amazing what a difference it made. Now I love the fit of it - but still hate the lining. This "lining" clings like crazy. I guess I'll have to rub it with some dryer sheets or something before I wear it again.

We had a great Thanksgiving at my house. Here's a picture of my dad, my kids, and me.

Last night was the LAST class meeting of my LAST class for my master's degree. YAY!!!! Of course, now I have no excuse to not be writing my thesis.

And... when I got home, look what I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics.

After I ordered these fabrics, I decided to go back online and order some more of their silk charmeuses to use as linings. At less than $5.00 per yard, you can't beat it. The anti-cling poly at Joann's is $4.99 and the cheapest price on Ambiance is still around $8.00/yard. So why not have a little fun and luxury with those linings?

In the picture above, the two fabrics on the left are poly knit blends, the ivory paisly on the bottom is a wool knit, the ivory floral on top is silk charmeuse and the other three are poly charmeuse. I should get another package with about 4 more cuts of silk soon.

I haven't been sewing or knitting for the past few days because I have been having a lot of pain in my shoulder and am going to Physical Therapy. I hope this stops soon. I did buy some black moleskin to make a vest for my brother - who is a rock star. Well, not exactly, but he is a star to me and all the fans who follow their band. I am making it for him for Christmas. I'm going to make a dress for my daughter and a couple of pair of PJ pants for my son. Now I know why the SWAP isn't starting until January!

And PR weekend west coast is coming up in March. I'm so excited. Even though I live in California, I rarely go to LA and I've never shopped in the garment district. It will be so fun to meet a lot of the people that I "talk" to online. There is a thread about it on the message boards on PR


cidell said...

I'm sorry about your shoulder. Is the pain a result of your surgery? And, what a pretty family!

Elaray said...

Let me get this straight: you teach, you take care of a family, you sew beautiful clothes, AND you are working on a MASTERS?!?!? I'm putting you on my sewing hero list! Love the kitty picture. Your cats are lucky. MY cat is not allowed in the sewing room.

Christina said...

Your kitty is too cute!

Congratulations on being done with your classes! Good luck with your writing now.

I am planning to go to the PR weekend in LA too! I'm excited.

Lashell said...

The cat is so cute. Your family is gorgeous. I've never ordered from fabric mart. I think I have to try them.

Sigrid said...

Lovely pictures of your family and cat. And like Elaray, I'm astonished at what you get accomplished in different areas of your life! Hope your shoulder is better very soon.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay, I must be the only person with a true fabric habit because the sight of those fabrics spread out just made me tingle! *LOL* I have been to that Fabric Mart well a couple of times too...how can you resist, silk charmeuse for $4.99 a yd and the poly charmeuse for $1.99 a yd wasn't bad either! And since these were purchased for linings they aren't part of the fabric collection AT ALL! *LOL*

Congrats on the last class for your Masters!