Monday, November 05, 2007


I did wear my jacket the other night, and I did like it. DH and I went out to dinner at Cafe 225 and got to sit at the window and watch everyone walking up and down Main Street. The Symphony was going on at the Fox right across the street, so there were a lot of people down town. After that, we went to The Cellar Door and watched my brother's band play their first set. We had a nice evening.

I decided to make this Simplicity 4176 blouse. I had seen one that Cindy Lou made and I really liked it. I love this fabric - it is some kind of crinkle chiffon - polyester I think. It really drapes nicely and wasn't too difficult to work with once I starched the living daylights out of it! Using starch is great because it gives you just enough stiffness, and then you can wash it out and everything is back to its soft self again.

I've decided I want to try my hand at knitting again. My mother was a fabulous knitter. I just want to be able to make simple things. I'm going to try this little cropped sweater.

I really want to make a bolero like one I got at Old Navy last year, but haven't found a pattern that's exactly what I want yet. I did find a couple of cut cropped patterns, but they may be a little too advanced for me. I'm a novice at both knitting and crochet, so either one will be a challenge. I had picked out some yarn, but DD convinced me to buy the darker one while we were at Walmart, and take back the lighter. Had I seen the darker one at JoAnns, I probably would have bought it in the first place.


Summerset said...

Cute items. My fav. is the black jacket with red tneck.

What is that little knit bolero pattern? I've been wanting to knit something and need a fairly quick project - that looks perfect. (I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but anyway!)

Nancy Winningham said...

It's a Womans Day pattern. Here's the link

LauraLo said...

I do like the jacket too! And that top, it's so feminine

Vicki said...

I like the new top! When you starch the fabric, do you use a spray on starch that you would use for ironing?

Chicago Sarah said...

Thanks for the starch tip- that is definitely going to help. And I love the jacket pattern. I am still in scarf territory with knitting but something cute and short would be a good starter project as I move out of just the scarves!

Nancy Winningham said...

As for the starch, I found some Niagra "Heavy" spray at the store. I also sometimes mix my own from liquid. Both ways work great. It helps to put something under the fabric because it gets kind of wet.