Monday, November 12, 2007

I Just Can't Get to the Sewing Machine

I finally finished my last report card this evening. Now I will have conferences for the rest of this week. Today was spent doing a lot of driving - I had to pick up my dad and bring him back down here for appts. and then back up "the hill." Tomorrow I have conferences until about 7:00, Wednesday is my brother's birthday dinner, Thursday after school, more appointments for Dad, and Friday is bible study. I hope I get to sew next weekend.
I did go to Hancock's in Fresno and bought some blue stretch suede to make this cute dress. I also bought a pretty red stretch velvet to make the same dress for Christmas time. I think it will be just festive enough without being too "fancy."

I am also making some progress on my knitting, but am finding that knitting may be what has been causing the pain in my shoulder.

In November's issue of Lucky Magazine, they ran this spread. This really inspired me.

I decided to really look at the pieces and see which ones I could substitute with things I already have or are in my SWAP. I also looked at other fabrics I have in my stash and patterns that would give a similar look.

So, this is what I played with after I finished my report cards earlier. I don't know that I will ever pull all of this together. but it has given me some new ideas on combos from my swap and things I already have (or am planning on making!)


Lashell said...

I thought that was a really great piece in Lucky magazine. I really need to learn how to organize my wadrobe.

renee said...

I need to resubscribe to Lucky. And what cute drawings you have!! Those would be adorable framed.

Maureen said...

Too bad you don't have time to sew...with your schedule I don't know how you find time to BREATHE!!!

I'd love to do lunch Nancy...let me know when you have a spare minute:)

Chicago Sarah said...

I'm going to pick up that magazine, great ideas! Best wishes for some sewing time this weekend...