Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Voting Has Begun!

If you have not gone to Pattern Review and checked out the Wardrobe contest gallery, you must do so. There are so many incredible collections that people have made. I don't know how anyone will decide which one to vote for. Well, of course, I hope I win one of the prizes, but there are so many fabulous creations. If you would like to vote, just click on the link in the photo gallery that says "click here to vote for this entry".

There are also some great creations at the One Pattern Multiple Looks gallery too. I did an entry for that contest as well, but did not get as many things done as I would have liked to since I was working on the wardrobe contest too.

After all that I did for the wardrobe contest, I really wanted to do something different, easy and fast. I chose BWOF 5/2007 #130.

The biggest obstacle in making this dress was laying out the fabric. I think I fiddled with that thing for over 1/2 hour trying to keep it straight. It was well worth it though, because the dress was easy to make and I like it. I'll probably make the top next since I already have the pattern pieces out. I did pull up the straps a bit to make it not so low cut, but I kind of like it lower, although I couldn't wear it to work like that. I should have lowered the armholes a little so that when I pulled up the straps I wouldn't also be making the armholes smaller. I also thought that this fabric will probably "grow" since it is a rayon knit, so it may stretch out anyway.

I like how BWOF has you do the facing on the inside. The front is faced, the back is not. after you face the front, you pin the sideseams leaving the facing free. Then you pull the facing over the top and stitch the three layers together, thus encasing the raw edge of the facing. Neat.


Bonnie O. said...

What a great dress! Now you need to "strike the pose" like the model in the picture. Come on... post another picture like that!

renee said...

Ohmigosh, that is so hot!

Erica Bunker said...

What a great looking dress Nancy! It looks great on you!

Marji said...

looking very summery.
Isn't it great to sew something outside any plan parameters after finishing the whole collection?
Love your Wardrobe collection entry. It looks very wearable, very You!

Anonymous said...
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