Thursday, August 02, 2007

Incredible Deal

Last year after I finished my coat, I decided I would like to make another one (well, several actually.) I have fabric to make a twill unlined shorter version in my stash, but many other projects have put that on the back burner. I also decided that I need an evening coat. Now, there aren't a whole lot of evening events to attend where I live. But, should something arise, I would like to have a nice coat to wear for an evening out. I decided I would start looking for a black brocade. I hadn't really decided on the style, but knew that a black brocade would be just the ticket.

Now, I have looked for this black brocade in my local JoAnns, at Hancocks, and many online sites. Of course, during summer, I couldnt find anything even close. Well, last weekend I was in JoAnns and found this beautiful fabric!

(It is a dark black, but looks lighter in the photos)

"Perfect", I thought. $20.00 a yard - "40% off coupon" I'm thinking now. Well, I get the paper, and there is a 50% off coupon just for fabric. Eureka! So, today I finally get my butt down to JoAnns to buy the fabric. Yes- it is still there. The fabric has a little silver thread running through it, but you can only see it from the wrong side of the fabric. "What's the point of that?" I'm thinking, but oh, well, I wasn't looking for sparkly, but it would have been a nice touch. I'd looked at a couple of coat patterns and 3 yards seemed like it would be a good amount to get, but when I get to the cutting counter I tell her "3-1/2" just to be safe. If there is extra, I can make a bag. She tries 4 time to scan the fabric, and finally it scans. "I don't think you can use your coupon" she tells me. "Why not" I ask. "I think it's on sale." Then she shakes her head as the scanner blinks. "How much is it on sale for?" I ask. "Five dollars a yard" As I'm trying to do the math in my head (end of the day - math brain not working well) she hands me the ticket. My total fabric purchase is $8.75 for a $70 piece of fabric! I can't believe it. When I get outside, I open the bag to double check the tag, still not believing the price, and to my surprise, the fabric glimmers in the light. Wow.

This project won't happen for a while, but I'm so excited that I got the fabric.


Anonymous said...

I know the feelin'!
By the way, your wardrobe contest entries , were just great! put a lot of effort into them...Good luck!

Elaray said...

Amazing! The sweetest bargins are the ones you don't expect. Be sure to show us your pattern. My daughter's school has a formal "Snow Ball" for the seniors in December and she'll need a coat.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Now that was a score! Were you dancing a little back to the car, too? :)

Marji said...

Very pretty! Looks like a mattelasse?
It'll make a great coat.