Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trying to get a little sewing done...

Well, it's definitely been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride around here lately. School started this week and of course, we've been inundated with meetings - which I missed most of because I was in the hospital with my daughter. After 3 trips to the emergency room (That's right, when everyone else was getting their classrooms ready on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I was at the ER)they finally admitted my DD for a kidney infection. Poor thing - she has been miserable. She had to stay in the hospital from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon, which actually, was a day sooner than we expected. I'm so thankful she is "all better" now. But, I think all those trips to the ER got my resistance down so now I have a big cold. Went to the store today and stocked up on Airborne and all kinds of cold medicine so I can make it through the week.
I did manage to get a little sewing done yesterday. This was a quick and easy skirt to whip up. It took longer to mark it than to make it. I know I will wear it a lot, and even wore it today to church. I really like the topstitching stitch I found on my machine. It's perfect for this skirt fabric.
I want to make a white top or jacket with some royal blue embroidery to go with it. I'm thinking about tracing the design and maybe even doing an applique of some type. Not sure yet.

I also cut out the pattern for the turquoise jacket. I prewashed the wool, and am not sure I should have done that - but oh, well. I will probably end up dry cleaning the finished jacket because I'm afraid the fabric will get fuzzy and pill. I think this one is going to be a little bit difficult so it will take some time. And yes, time is a rare commodity these days.

Well, the wardrobe contest is over. It was a little discouraging to find out that i got 7 votes and the winner got 157! Well, Erica has a great wardrobe and everybody always loves what she makes - so a BIG shout out to Erica for a job well done! The second place winner, Laura, was also one of my favorite wardrobes in the contest. I think, however, she could put on a potato sack and make it look good! Add that to the fact that she made some really cool things, and no wonder she placed in the top two. Actually, there were many wonderful wardrobes, so I don't know how anybody made their choices. You can see the finished entries here
Just click on the words "sort by votes" and you'll see them in the order of placing. Congratulations also to all who finished the contest. It was a big undertaking and everyone came away winners with their new clothes! (but I still wish I had more than 7 votes - ;-) lol)


Elaray said...

You've been having quite a time, haven't you? Mr. Toad's Wild Ride sounds like a good description. First and foremost, I'm glad your DD is on the mend. Second, I love the skirt. The fabric is really pretty. I know "pretty" sounds very trite and if I were a better writer, I would come up with a better word. And finally, don't feel bad about the number of votes in the contest. You finished TWO SWAPs this year, didn't you? That is a grand accomplishment! Actually 2 grand accomplishments. Think of all the people, like me, who haven't started or completed any SWAPs, at all - not one. You did good!

Bonnie O. said...

Sorry about your daughter! I'm glad she's on the mend.

That skirt is lovely. What a beautiful blue color.

Linda said...

I hope your daughter is back to perfect health soon. That is hard to go through that and right when school is starting too.

I love the skirt. It looks soo comfy. It'll be on my summer list for next year now.

Nancy Winningham said...

Actually,this was the first "swap" I've ever been in, but I have completed more sewing this year than I have probably in the rest of my life put together. That has been a great accomplishment for me. I have learned so much from other sewists online through blogs like all of yours and PR. It's been so fun!