Friday, August 03, 2007

Coat musings

I have been thinking a lot about the coat. I"ve loved this coat from BWOF January 2007, ever since I saw it in the magazine. So, I may use this coat pattern. BWOF always has such nice details in their patterns and this looks like a good one.

On the other hand, I may use Nancy Erickson's pattern from the Fashion Sewing Group. I"ve made it before. I already have the pattern fit. It's a plain, versatile pattern. Nancy Erickson has the multiple look thing down. She has a basic set of patterns. Skirts, jacket, Coat, pants, and twinset.
I subscribe to her newsletter, and along with fabric samples, there are many pages of fashion tips and always some type of variations on one of her patterns. Last month it was all about sleeves. Evaluating the fit, changing the look, how to make vents,cuffs, trims, and pleats. So, Since I've already made the coat once before, perhaps I'll try that one.
Whichever pattern I use, I"ve decided a couple of things
1. I will underline it in flannel. The black fabric will not be warm at all, so I wnat to make it warmer.
2. The lining will be satin - coats need heavier linings than jackets in order to hang right, so satin should be right. It will also add to the warmth.
3. The coat needs to go to my knees or a little below. This is why I will not make the swing coat for this fabric. I don't think it would look as cute in a longer style. But following the fashion advise of several books I"ve read, your coat needs to be longer than the longest dress you will wear out. So, probably my dressier dresses will be longer than 3" above my knees.