Thursday, August 30, 2007

So Much for Pairity

The plan was to put out more than I bring in. I will never just sew from stash and not buy new fabric. But after finishing cataloging all of my fabric, I realized I have more than enough! Well, is there really such a thing? Really.

I do have plans for much of my stash this fall, but I couldn't resist these

The first is a lavender silk noil from Sewing Studio. It was on clearance and I have been looking for some noil. Also, I wanted to make something lavender because I have a couple of necklaces that go with lavender and nothing to wear them with right now. I think I will save this to make a dress next spring.

The two boucle's are from Fashion Sewing Group. The dark olive and black is all wool and I plan on making FSG 1945 with it. The mulit colored boucle is a wool blend and I will probably do the same pattern, but with variations.

This all started because of the green "travel fabric" that I bought for pants. It looks kind of like clerey-colored here, but it's a little more olive. Nancy had a beautiful boucle with deep reds and this green that I really wanted. Unfortunately, by the time I sent in my order, she was already sold out. I was so disappointed. We communicated a bit by email and she sent me some other swatches (all of which I loved) so I had to narrow it down to the two boucles shown here.

I also purchased this pretty wool in a dusty olive and cream to make a skirt. I think It will go well with the olive and black, and a few other things I have on the agenda. The black fabric is a beautiful finish pants weight poplin that I also got from FSG. This will make some very nice slacks.


Sigrid said...

They're all beautiful fabrics, but the boucle's are my favorite. These will be beautiful jackets.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Love these fabrics...they will make wonderful additions to your wardrobe! And I think we are suppose to shop the stash as well as add to it! :) At least that's what I tell myself whenever I push the "submit" button on another fabric order! *LOL*

Linda said...

I like your new fabrics. I need to check out Nancy's fabrics.