Friday, January 22, 2016

Skirt upcycle

Goodwill skirt up cycle
The other day (was it yesterday??)  I had to go to ATT to ask some questions about my phone.  Right across the parking lot is the Goodwill.  I need another skirt for my trip to Uganda, so I thought I would take  a look.  I love how the good will has everything separated by item, color, and size.  It makes it so fast to see what you're looking for without having to plow through piles of stuff.  Well, I scored 2 shirts, a tank, a Tee, and a skirt for less than $20!  Everything looked like new (except the skirt) and will work perfectly for my trip.  The skirt had 1/4" elastic sewn between the lining and the skirt and was all stretched out.
The first thing I did was try to take out the elastic.  This would have been a nightmare because the fabric is really loose weave and thin.  The thread is completely embedded into the fabric and almost impossible to get out.  I decided to just cut it off completely.

Goodwill skirt up cycle

Next, I got some elastic and cut it to fit a little below my waist.  I sewed it in a circle and divided it into fourths.  I pinned it onto the skirt lining up the Front, back, and side seams with the 4 marks on the elastic.  I zigzagged this on while I stretched it.  That's why the zigzags don't look very even.

Goodwill skirt up cycleThen, I folded the elastic to the inside and pinned it. I used a lot of pins so that the fabric wouldn't get off. Both the skirt and lining are cut on the bias, so it's easy for it to warp.
I stitched this down only about 3/8 inch down, leaving the rest of the elastic free. I learned this little tip from Loes Hinse. She said that it works well for those with a much smaller waist than hips, I usually use 1-1/2" elastic for this, but this one is only one inch.

This skirt is really comfortable, and I think I will be wearing it a lot!