Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another Wax Print: Skirt for Uganda - S1717

S1717 skirtI've been sewing like the wind the last few days, but not taken time to take any pictures.  However, I did get these today since I wore this to church.  Today we were commissioned out into the mission field by our church.  We leave on Saturday from San Francisco, fly to Dubai, and have an overnight layover.  The next morning we will fly into Uganda.  We will be spending one week with the ladies from the villages and the next week in the city of Kampala.

I made this skirt from Simplicity 1717.  My pattern only went up to a 14, but since I've gained a little weight, I needed to increase the side width even though this pattern has 1" seam allowances.  I don't really think the pattern DOES have 1" seam allowances, because my other skirt was a straight sixteen and it is more fitted than this one.  I love that this skirt has pockets, but next time I would make them higher.  I tried to match the pattern on the skirt and the pocket, and I'm really pleased with how that turned out.

The yoke facing is finished with seam binding.  I was super excited to find this packet of vintage seam binding in my stash.  I think I picked it up at a church rummage sale a few years ago.

S1717 skirt

S1717 skirt

I did a lapped zipper,  Unfortunately, I did not get the seams lined up perfectly.  But, this is POWER sewing because I have so much to do in so little time, so it's staying the way it is!

S1717 skirtS1717 skirt


Rhoda K said...

Your skirt looks great! Best wishes on your trip - God bless!