Friday, January 08, 2016

Marathon Sewing to make it to Africa!

I need to get busy and sew some clothes for my trip to Africa.  I cannot take what I have taken in the past because I have gained too much weight.  I was planning on making a couple of dresses and skirts. I have some wax prints that I have purchased on past trips to Uganda, so I wanted to use those.  I also purchased a couple of fabrics to coordinate.  In the picture on the left, I purchased the brown and the bright green.

Now, it is JANUARY, and that means that the SWAP over on Stitchers Guild is in full swing.  I always forget about this until after the holidays.  I went over to check it out, and decided that I'm going to participate.  I was going to wait and start after I return from Uganda, but then I decided that that was not smart since I have so much sewing to do for my trip.  I knew there would have to be a way to combine the two!

Next, I decided to pull out some solids to see what would work.  The brighter of the greens in the picture below is the same as the one in the previous picture.  Everything else is in my stash.

On the right we have

  • white rayon jersey
  • orange cotton jersey
  • maroon rayon jersey
  • peacock silk noil
  • green cotton Kona solid
  • green linen

I'll be posting my plan and more later.  Right now I'm posting this to make myself even more committed to do it.  Also, I want to start working on my blog again.  I'm so frustrated by the blogs that you have a zillion ads and pop ups that keep you from even reading or finding out what is there.  I don't blog to make money.  I blog because I enjoy it and to share my love of sewing.

This is an African Wax Print that I bought on one of my first trips to Uganda.  I've been wanting to make a maxi dress out of it for years.
I made a handbag out of this wax print and have enough left to make a skirt.

I bought this blue multi print rayon challis a few years ago.  The solid silk noil will work well with it.

The good thing about dressing in Uganda is that everyone mixes prints and wears the brightest of colors.  I'm really getting excited about my trip!


Fabrickated said...

I really like this plan, especially the African prints. I will be watching your SWAP progress with great interest.

Cherie said...

So nice to see you posting again! I really like your Uganda SWAP. Somewhere I've gotta find me some wax prints! The rayon challis is gorgeous-good to see your fabrics, though I loved the hand drawing you made for the SWAP forum! I'm looking forward to seeing all your pieces!