Thursday, May 07, 2015

A little late to the party - #mmmay15

 'I, Nancywin of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear at least one thing I have made each day for the duration of May 2015'

I started a day late, and I'm posting even later!  I haven't done Me Made May for a while, but I'm glad I stumbled onto it again this year.  It is really making me realize that most of my "me-made" clothes are pretty old!  School has gotten so demanding that it seems like I rarely have time to sew.  And now that I watch my grand daughter a couple of nights a week, that cuts into it even more! (But I love having her, of course)

So, I missed the first day, but here is what I have worn on the other days.

Day 2,   This is an OOP McCalls pattern.  The number is 2646.  I made this shirt years ago from a cotton print that I found in a quilt shop in Maui.  I love the fabric because it has the feel and hand of linen, but does not wrinkle!  I'd like to find more fabric like that (but not Hawaiian print!)

Day 3:  This is one of my favorite knit dress patterns, but not one of my favorite dresses!  The pattern is Loes Hinse New York Dress.  There are two versions in that envelope, but I have never made the woven, long version.

 Day 4:  This little top I made from Simplicity 1806.  I'd like to make it again, but I think I accidentally gave it away.  It has princess seams and fits pretty well.
The skirt is a favorite from 2451.  I'll definitely be making this again because I love that it has pockets!
Day 5:  This is CJ Patterns boatneck top.  I love this top and you'd never know it was in the pattern because the envelope only shows the jacket.  It's in the same envelope as the boyfriend blazer.  I haven't made that, but the pattern is worth it just for the top for me.

Day 6:  This is another Simplicity pattern.  Hmmm.. I've never thought of myself as a big fan of Simplicity patterns, but apparently they are among my favorite things to wear!!
Anyway, this is the Lisette pattern 2209.  I think it is OOP now though.  This is a great dress.  The darts come from the waist up at angles.  I used a stretch woven, so it's super comfortable.

I would have to say that I wear something I've made almost every day, but there are definitely days that I don't.  Usually Fridays in particular since we all wear jeans and our school jersey on that day.  Right now I don't have any jackets that I've made, so that's out.  I better think of something fast since tomorrow is Friday!  No time to "whip out a pair of jeans" for that!


Mrs K said...

Nice catch up and nice to see you back.