Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's funny that Marji would post about lists last night, because I have been checking a couple of lists I have made. First of all, lets see how I'm doing on my New Year's Resolutions
* 1. Make things that I love -
Here is a link to the things I have completed so far this year. Out of the 16 things that I have made, there are 9 that I love and wear all the time (OK, I'm counting my new pencil skirt here, even though I haven't worn it yet.)
* 2. Pants! Well, I'm working on this. I have made 3 pair of pants, but haven't got one that I love yet - but I'm still working on it.
* 3. The great white shirt - I think I found it! The BWOF gold blouse that I made last month is one of my favorites. I have it cut out and half made in white fabric, sleeveless this time, and am loving it already.
* 4. More out than in (fabric) - OK, I'm definitely doing better than last year, but still am 11.5 yards over. The good news is that I have sewn 25 yards from stash (anything purchased 2008 or earlier) this year
* 5. BWOF - 7+ - So far this year, including the blouse I am working on now, I have made 6 things from BWOF, so I'm doing well on this one.
* 6. make & use TNTs- the BWOF blouse is becoming a TNT, the paisley skirt is from a TNT (this is the 4th time I've made that), the LH New York Dress is a TNT, and my Kwik Sew bra pattern is going to be a TNT. I've just ordered some fabric to make another one (or two or three) of these! I really want to get a TNT pants pattern though.
* 7. Make a vintage pattern- Nope, haven't done this yet, but I see one coming very soon.

Now for my summer dreams. Even though summer is just starting, I am trying to put that list into action. What I have done is made a bra and started a sleeveless blouse. My skirt was a little birdwalk that I had to take, but I'm back on track now!

I'm not going to say what I'm going to make next, because as sure as name it, I will change my mind.
And also, let me say I am naming the blouse I am working on now "The Ghost Blouse" Just too many weird things have happened with this blouse, and since I don't believe I'm losing my mind, I'm blaming it on a ghost!


Elaray said...

You've done very well on your resolutions! Good job!

neighbourhood.gal said...

Hey Nancy! I'm glad I found your blog. I'm excited to read more about your great white shirt...