Thursday, June 04, 2009

Last Day

Just a quick note. Today is the LAST DAY of school! Yay! Actually, I will be sad to see this class go since I have no idea what I will get next year. And, since there are some changes next year that will definitely affect all of us, I'm not all that excited for it to start. Hopefully, my attitude will change over the summer. Tomorrow is a workday for teachers, but after that I plan on getting some SEWING done!
First up - I'm working on this pattern, in the simpler (no lace) version - only because those were the fabrics I was able to get and this one will be sort of a "test/muslin"
I'd really like to make some new jeans, but last night I could not even get my own jeans on! I'm going to be doing some serious weight management over the next few weeks. It makes me feel so discouraged because I don't even want to sew anything that is fitted because unless it is only fitted in the shoulders, I will have to make a size bigger! Maybe this will be a good time to reorganize my sewing room!


Elaray said...

Last Day of School! I'm so jealous. My last day is (I can barely stand to type it) June 25! AARRGGHH!!! Enjoy the quality time with your sewing machine!

Dana said...

Don't worry about the unknown. In my district change is the norm (eg. four different schools in the last six years) and consistency is almost non-existent. It always works out for the best though. Enjoy your summer - mine is just four long school-days away!

Shannon said...

Happy Last Day!! I'm counting the days 'til I'm done too. Don't ya just love summer?