Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Dreams

Well, who knows what I'll really get done this summer, but school's out in another week and I'm already dreaming about what I want to sew. I have 2 pieces to finish for mini-wardrobe, and then I think I'm going to tackle a bra. I've joined Sigrid's lingerie sew along, so I'm really hoping to make

  1. a good bra.
  2. I also want to make the Jalie Jeans that I showed in my last post. They were so cute when I saw them on Emilee at PR Weekend. (Of course, I don't have Emilee's cute little body, but this is my dream) I've seen several reviews on them over at PR and they've been getting rave reviews.
  3. I also want to make a bathing suit this summer. I have fabric for two suits, and since I swim almost every day in the summer, I need to do this. I was inspired by the suits Cidell made last summer.
  4. Tops - I bought several knits at PR weekend and want/need to make tops
  5. DRESSES - I need dresses. Dresses are the coolest thing to wear in summer, so I definitely need dresses. Even though I'm working on a skirt right now, skirts don't seem to be working for me lately. They keep twisting around on me all day long. Does that mean that I'm walking crooked? No, really.
  6. Sleeveless blouses. I'm in love with the BWOF blouse I just made, so I'd like to try it as a sleeveless since I wear a lot of those in the summer.
  7. Oh, and what about those coat fabrics I have that kept me from buying the beautiful red burbury at PR Weekend? I need to make at least one coat/jacket for the fall.
  8. A beautiful white boucle jacket that I intended to make LAST summer.
  9. More twinsets for fall (This can wait until September or October - fall is short here.)
  10. I need more shorts
I also want to make a new handbag, knit dresses (I loved Melissa's so much that I went out and bought the New Look pattern), vintage patterns, Jalie pants, and finish a couple of quilts. YIKES!! I can see that I'm going to have to narrow down the list. Six weeks is just not enough and during part of that time I'm going to have to have foot surgery - on my right foot! I wonder if I can learn to use the foot pedal with my left foot. The Bernina ladies do it all the time. I do have push-button sewing on my machine, so I could try that. OH, yeah, I also need to move my sewing room and paint the living room. I need a clone.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Wow! You've got a lot on your plate. I have dreams of making a bra too...but they still just dreams.

Summerset said...

I know how it feels - summer is so short and then it is back to school! The good thing about two of your plans is that they are similar and employ many of the same fabrics and techniques: the bra and the swimsuits. I made a couple of swimsuits last year and once you learn the techniques, it is pretty easy since the pieces are relatively small and few (at least compared to that skirt you just made!).

cidell said...

Six weeks? That's it? Sigh. My list is very similar to yours! If we didn't sew, would there be a long list of clothes we wanted to buy?

gwensews said...

That's a whole lotta sewing!

Nancy K said...

I always have so many sewing plans for summer, but it is always shorter than I think it is!
I need to make a muslin this summer for my Burberry fabric too.
Good luck on the plan

Melissa said...

What a list - well mine is surely similar in length if I actually wrote it all out. I'm sorry you only have 6 weeks off. I'm not sure if I'll get more done when the kids are all home or less. I'm glad you got the NL pattern, it's such a great dress! Dresses are so wonderful and cool to wear during those hot summer days.

Meg said...

I need to make a list like this too. so I can get my priorities straight. Right now I feel like I'm all over the place.

Diana said...

Wow, you are going to be one busy woman. Please give the push button control a try. I never use my foot pedal anymore. I absolutely love the the button!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Nancy, that's a YEAR'S worth of work! But go for it - great stuff always begins with big dreams :)


Mariela Alethia said...

Wow you have big plans for the summer. I like the idea of making a bra. Summer is such a short season, good luck!