Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Didn't Go Overboard

OK, I didn't need any fabric, but you can't go to PR weekend and not get something!. Actually, I'm very pleased with my little 12 yards of fabric because quite a few went over 30 yards, and some even over 40! It's easy to do when you are in such wonderful fabric stores. We visited Fabric Depot, Josephines, and Mill End. Fabric Depot had a fabulous selection of notions and I dropped over $40 there in notions alone. But, they were all things I've been needing (like tracing paper, a new point presser, loop turner, etc) so I figured I might as well stock up and save on shipping.

Josephine's was our next stop, but Cindy Lou and I had to take a side trip and go to Clogmasters where I bought TWO pair of shoes. Yes, I bought two, but the cool thing about clogmasters is that they "custom" fit you. They size with european sizes (which always seem to fit me better) and have 17 different widths! I took one pair of simple black clogs home with me and ordered a pair of bronze colored sandals.

Josephine's had some beautiful fabrics, and for the most part, I did not think their prices were out of line for what they carried, although they were not "bargain" prices either. I was disappointed when I saw one of the fabrics that I bought there (the dotted swiss) at mill end for almost half of what I paid for it. Oh well, if it's not worth buying at full price, it's not a bargain anyway.

Mill End was my favorite store for a few reasons. 1. They have a huge selection of fabrics. 2. The sales staff and cutters were very friendly and helpful. 3. There prices were good. Everyone was going crazy over the Burberry fabric, and although I did RUN through the store chasing Melissa with a gorgeous bolt of red in her hands, I ended up not getting it. I already have red wool coating and a similar Burberry fabric in tan, so until I make those, I won't even have ROOM to put the other (although I still keep thinking about it.) It was really nice fabric.

Here is what I did buy (between Josephine's and Mill End):

These are all rayon jerseys and mostly tissue weight. I was inspired to get knits by all of the cute Jalie tops I saw people wearing over the weekend.

This is the dotted swiss that I later saw at Mill End. That's OK, I still really like it and I will be making a blouse out if this and the white shirting shown underneath this one.

I kept looking at this fabric on a display up by the cash register and finally bought it. I think it will make a great sheath style dress.

This was taken right before we all left for the airport. We had such a great time.


Myra said...

Wow, how much fun and great fabrics you had/got.

cidell said...

I also fondeled that dotted swiss!

2BSewing: said...

Wow! Great fabric finds. Sounds like it was a perfect weekend for you and the rest of the PR gang. :)

Birgitte said...

Oh you were having too much fun, just as I expected... Dang!!
The fabric is beautiful (now I'm visualizing your portfolio- any more space in there? lol)
Happy you got some clogs, but not as happy as your feet will be :))

Elaray said...

So, you bought 12 yards when you didn't need any fabric. It's not your fault! It's so easy to buy when you are shopping with people who love fabric as much as you do! I think you showed tremendous restraint. :)

Linda T said...

When buying fabric, when does "need it" ever come into the buying process??????? Lovely choices!

gwensews said...

Sounds like a great weekend, filled with shopping frenzy! You got some terrific finds.

Christina said...

Oh, that swiss dot is gorgeous. I didn't go crazy at the fabric stores either, just picked up a little something to remember each place by!

Summerset said...

Oh, you picked up some really nice things. I can see you wearing all the things you've described! Enjoy sewing up those fabrics.

Ann Made Studio said...

Another great review of the
weekend :) & all great fabric choices.

Melissa said...

You got such pretty fabrics Nancy! You did very good having self control, I got 6 yards and I'm happy with my self control. :-) I had so much fun seeing you again, at least we live on the same coast and not across the country.